BONUS #1: Liberty City VS South Beach

We go to South Beach to try and find people from Liberty City + also getting peoples reactions and thoughts on Liberty City!
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8/13/2011 I saw this going down at Wet Willies on 7th and Ocean Drive. Guy was arguing with staff and cop jumps in with a tazer. After the cop over reacts, he shoots the guy twice with a tazer then other people jump in and punch the cop. The cop is a fat out of shape cop who could not even take down the suspect. Others get arrested after this event. Miami Beach Cops are nothing but thugs who brake all kinds of laws themselves, then act like Judge, Jury, and prosecutor. This guy is lucky that the cops did not open fire and kill him and injure all of the people around like on memorial day weekend.

Solution, fire all of the city managers, fire the chief and the mayor and start with fresh young people who are not just Latin.

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