Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India ,here i prepare these videos based on watch dog people’s information on their jobs and their reputations
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Top 10 Lost Treasures No One Can Find

The Top 10 Lost Treasures That No One Can Find

The Bermuda Triangle (sometimes known as Devil’s Triangle) is a 1.5-million-square-mile area of ocean roughly defined by Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the southern tip of Florida. Some believe it is a paranormal site in which the laws of physics are either violated, altered, or both.

Number 10: King John’s Jewels & Gold

Carts containing King John’s crown jewels were washed away in a 1216 flood that overcame his troops as they made their way from Norfolk to Newark. King John was on the same journey but opted to take a longer but safer route to his Newark castle. The estimated value of the lost jewels is million dollars.

Number 9: Faberge Eggs

When the Russian royal family was executed in 1918, their property was stored in vaults. Included in their possessions were 52 Faberge eggs. Eggs crafted with jewels and gold. 8 eggs went missing from the original 52. The 8 eggs together would be worth 0 million+ today.

Number 8: The San Miguel

The San Miguel was in a fleet of ships sailing from Cuba to Spain. The ships carried gold, silver, and diamonds. The entire fleet was destroyed during terrible storms. Treasure hunters have located several of the ships and some small amounts of treasure but the San Miguel and its suspected large quantity of treasure has yet to be found.

Number 7: The Amber Room

The Amber Room contained 13,000 pounds of amber and was 560 sq ft. When the Germans invaded Russia they took the Amber Room. It was during WWII that the room was lost. Some say it was destroyed during bombing raids and others say the Nazis hid it.

Number 6: Oak Island Money Pit

Located off the coast of Nova Scotia the money pit has been excavated hundreds of times the past 200 years. There is supposedly a great unknown treasure located in this money pit. It has been speculated that the treasure was put there by everyone from pirates to Marie Antoinette.

Number 5: The Knights Templar

In the 1300s the Knights Templar made a fortune over years of serving as an early banking system. When the King ordered the arrest and subsequent execution of the leaders of the knights the remaining knights fled and the treasure went with them.

Number 4: Antwerp Diamond Heist

February 15th 2003 over 0 million dollars worth of diamonds were taken from safety deposit boxes under the Antwerp Diamond Centre. The vault had heat detectors, motion sensors, and a main lock with 100 million possible combinations. The leader of the heist was arrested but had no idea who he was working for or the location of the loot.

Number 3: Treasure Map

The treasure map scroll is a list of locations and the treasure that was hidden there. The problem has been it was written as if we knew where the writer was talking about. “6 cubits down on staircase, find 10 silver coins”. There is a billion dollars hidden in Israel and nobody knows where it is.

Number 2: Forest Fenn

Author Forest Fenn hid million dollars in gold and jewels in a treasure chest and buried it in the Rocky Mountains. He has a poem that is supposed to serve as your guide to find the bounty. Once in awhile he will even throw a clue out on his website or in an interview.

Number 1:

Worth billion dollars the Flor de la Mar is a treasure hunter’s Holy Grail. It is the richest treasure yet to be found. November 20th 1511 this naval ship was smashed onto the reefs near Portugal in a storm. The gold as well as hundreds of slaves were lost. The captain survived but the lack of proper maps and inaccurate measurement tools left the location of the ship unknown.

Time for the question of the day:
Everyone has dreams of treasure hunting when they are kids. If you had the money and resources, would you ever consider trying to find any of these long lost treasures?

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Some of the world’s most priceless artifacts have been lost in war, buried and then forgotten, or simply misplaced without explanation. Many have been missing so long they have transformed from treasure to legend to rumor. Some have made it to the black market. Some have been stowed away in private collections. Some are believed to have been destroyed completely.

# Top 10 Amazing Lost Treasures No One Can Find :

10. The Wright Brothers’ Patent :
The National Archives store some of history’s most prized and rarest documents. Security is tight in the most important anthropological storehouses in the world, yet this hasn’t stopped thieves from making off with some of its priceless pieces.

9. Tanto Mei-Kunimitsu :
Stolen national treasures is not a purely US problem. According to the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan, 109 items marked as national treasures or important artifacts have gone missing from their collection.

8. City Of Paititi :
Many legends surrounds the lost city of Paititi. It is said to be the location where the ancient Incas, desperate to hide their treasure from marauding Europeans, stored all of their gold.

7. Patiala Necklace :
The Patiala Necklace was an item of rare beauty, designed by the house of Cartier in 1928. This gift to the Maharaja Sir Bhupinder Singh had five rows of platinum chains adorned with 2,930 diamonds. The centerpiece was the seventh-largest diamond in the world, the famed DeBeers Diamond, a 234.6-carat yellow diamond, roughly the size of a golf ball.

6. The Mahogany Ship :
When a ship sinks miles off the coast with virtually no way for searchers to reach the bottom of the ocean, it can take decades or even centuries to find the wreck, if it’s found at all. The Mahogany Ship, however, is a complete different story.

5. Victoria’s Parliamentary Mace :
The Parliamentary Mace was a symbol of the Office of the Speaker and the constitutional rights of the people of Victoria. On October 9, 1891, it vanished.

4. The Crown Jewels Of King John :
The Crown Jewels of England are considered by many to be the most ostentatious and impressive set of precious jewels in existence.The Crown Jewels have been replaced, stolen, and destroyed on several occasions.

3. Dutch Schultz’s Stash :
New York mobster Arthur “Dutch” Flegenheimer stole his nickname, along with pretty much everything else that wasn’t nailed down, and amassed an empire valued at million a year.

2. The Lost Dutchman :
The story of the Lost Dutchman and his mine is considered by many to be nothing more than a fairy tale, yet others have believed so much in it that they have risked and even lost their lives in search of the infamous treasure.

1. Atomic Bomb Maps :
Oftentimes, priceless treasures are lost due the carnage and destruction of war. Every now and then, however, the items themselves are a result of the battles.A set of very important maps are missing from the National Archives.No one is sure when the items went missing, and the task force assigned to investigate has yet to provide an answer.

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Top 10 Super Villain Teams

Even the toughest of supervillains occasionally need to team up. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Supervillain Teams. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’re ranking the most infamously memorable groups of supervillains who have combined forces in the name of evil, crime or world domination.

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Top 10 Manga Artists

When it comes to manga nothing is simply black and white – and these artists are masters of the craft. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Manga Artists. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list we are counting down Japanese Manga Artists based on how prolific they are, their tenure in the industry and their overall influence on the world of anime and manga.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts 2014 Forbes List ✔ 1080p (HD)

Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts 2014 Forbes List ✔ 1080p (HD)

Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts 2014 Forbes List 1080p (HD)

Here is the list of top 10 most expensive yacht in the world 2014. These are some of the most luxurious and lavish vessels used by some of the richest billionaires in the world.
These list include the following:

1. History Supreme
.8 billion

2. Eclipse
0 million

3. Dubai
0 million

4. Superyacht A
3 million

5. Al Said
0 million

6. Dilbar
3 million

7. Al Mirqab
0 Million

8. Lady Moura
0 Million

9. Seven Seas
0 Million

10. The Rising Sun
0 Million

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warnings of a 90-foot,
killed five workers
before the launch,
million yacht trapped
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25 Most Expensive Yachts Ever Built

We’ve already brought you the 25 most insane concept yachts on Earth. Unfortunately, however, you won’t see too many of those on the water…they’re just concepts. The yachts you are about to see on the other hand, have nothing conceptual about them. They are the largest, most lavish toys on the planet and not surprisingly they belong to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. These are the 25 most expensive yachts ever built.

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Check out the written version for more info –


Le Grand Bleu
Maltese Falcon
Project Mars
Al Salamah
Rising Sun
Seven Seas
Lady Moura
Al Mirqab
Al Said
Superyacht A
Streets of Monaco
History Supreme

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Top 10 SEXIEST Dragon Ball Z Women

Alrighty guys it is Qaaman here today bringing you another Dragon Ball Z discussion with Mike from Laughingstock media and in today’s video we discuss who we feel are the 10 sexiest women of dragon ball which would include some of your favorite like Bulma, Android 18 Chi-Chi and others but where do we rank these women and why? Watch the video to find out!


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I DO NOT OWN DRAGONBALL. DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses there of are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd.
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TOP 10 The World's Sexiest Women 2015

We rank the 10 most beautiful women of the Dunai for you , and those on our list :


top 10, hottest, Top 10 Sexiest & Hottest Women in the world 2015, sexiest, women, actress, girls, 2015, ever, Beautiful, Pretty, Cute, Ladies, Candice Swane…

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♪ Top 10 Minecraft Songs – 2015 Best Animated Minecraft Music Video’s ever

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10. TNT

9.Make a cake

8.ill make some cake

7. All I Do Is Dig

6. Revenge

5. Don’t mine at night

4. fallen kingdom

3. Mine

2. Cube Land

1. Take back the night

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10 Success Tips in Hindi (Motivational)

10 Success Tips in Hindi (Motivational)

Power Packed Compilation of 10 Motivational Success Tips in Hindi. This Video will give you top 10 success mantra in hindi on various topics related to motivation, inspiration, positive thinking and personality development. These videos on success in hindi are based on different experiences, examples and incidents related to life and success. This Success motivational video will give you success tips which can help you throughout your life. These inspirational success videos are not only going to inspire you but also give you tips and strategies for success in life. These videos are beneficial for success in business, success in studies, success in sales, success in career etc. These success videos for students, entrepreneurs and professional will definitely add value to your quality of work and life. We hope these success video clips will contribute to your goals and dreams of life. These videos will not only help in your personality development, but these life changing videos will also bring a shift in your attitude. You will understand the difference between success and failure, success and hard work, success and commitment. These positive thinking inspirational hindi videos for success can be shared with students, sales team, teachers, colleges, schools, office employees, trainers etc. Following is the brief introduction of these life changing videos:

The first best motivational video talks about turning weakness into strength which is an important success mantra. One should understand how to know your strengths and weaknesses and how to develop your personality by working on your weaknesses. This video has given example of Shah Rukh Khan by showing his inspirational side of life.
Second motivational video for success in hindi talks on how to be responsible, this motivational video talks on how to get success by making no excuses. This is a motivational video for students is about an engineering student who has got a good job from Microsoft.
Third life changing video is about fighting your fears. If you want to know how to become confident and how to become successful in life, it is very important to fight your fears and work hard for success. Self Confidence and Self Belief are very important for success in Life.
Fourth Hindi Success Video talks about knowing the purpose of life. It is very important to know how to set aim in life and work on it. It is one life where we do not get many opportunities for success, so work on your business ideas and other ideas to become rich or to become happy or to become successful in life.
Fifth motivational video talks about success habits of successful people. This motivational success story in hindi is about CEO of Microsoft — Mr. Satya Nadela, who has a great hunger for knowledge as this video talks about habits of successful people.

Sixth inspirational video is on success comes with struggle, We all know that success and struggle are inter-related. Success does not come easy, one needs to understand that success comes with hard work and dedication.
Seventh success tips video is on preparing for success which tells that preparation for success, which can be preparing resources like money, infrastructure, action plan or preparing skills like presentation skills, communication skills, soft skills etc. It can be preparing for job interview with preparation of resume, introduction, hr questions etc.
Eight hindi motivation video talks about relation between commitment and success. It tells us how important is commitment for success.
Ninth law of attraction video talks about power of thinking big and visualisation for success. It is related to visualising big dreams for self motivation. You can also relate it to a video on law of attraction in hindi.
Tenth Personality development video talks about learning attitude. It is important to keep watching motivational documentaries, motivational movies, keep listening to motivational audio books, motivational songs etc to enhance your learning skills.
Hope you likes success tips in hindi video. We will keep posting more motivational video for success in life covering success mantras in hindi.
Wish you Success and happiness in life,
Himesh madaan
Motivational Speaker India
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Top 10 Albert Einstein Quotes

5 Hidden Treasures You Can Still Find

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5 Hidden Treasures You Can Still Find

From a giant boot-shaped gold nugget to half a billion dollars worth of Spanish treasure, we’re counting down the 10 greatest metal detecting finds of all time. Ka-ching!!!

Our List:

10. Boot of Cortez, Mexico
9. Hoxne Hoard, England
8. Black Swan Coin Project, United States
7. Vale of York Hoard, England
6. Gold Chalice, Key West, Florida
5. Fishpool Hoard, England
4. Ringlemere Cup, England
3. Staffordshire Hoard, England
2. Shrewsbury Hoard, England
1. Roman Lantern, England

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