Colombian drug cartel member Fernsterbein Ramirez is arrested in Italy

Nicole Kidman Cocaine Frenzy – Declares War on Columbian Drug Cartel
columbia drug cartel
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Nicole Kidman stunned Hollywood again this week, this time turning up at the Premiere of her new movie Nine with her face covered in cocaine and mumbling “they wanna go to war? Those fucking cockroaches. Just wait till they see my little friend. Hokay!”

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Colombian drug cartel member Fernsterbein Ramirez is arrested in Italy
Ramirez was part of the feared 'Los Mellos de Cassandra' criminal gang, which is accused of mass murder, drug trafficking and extortion. Remarkably, he blew his cover when he flew to watch Colombia play in a friendly match against Peru in America last …
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'Their uniforms were drenched in blood'
Between July 1992, when he fled La Catedral, and March 1993, the Medellín cartel's assassins killed 100 police officers in Colombia's cocaine capital. Meanwhile, a new paramilitary group — drawn from off-duty police and from Escobar's former …
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Colombian drug lord with million US reward killed
The death of Victor Ramon Navarro-Cerrano, a cocaine kingpin in North America and Europe, was confirmed by Colombian intelligence forces, President Juan Manuel Santos said on Twitter. "Big blow," Santos tweeted. "Congratulations!" He said criminals or …
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