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Taking a trip with your family is always a memorable experience. But feeding a family three meals a day plus snacks can cost a lot of money. Here are some tips for keeping your food budget in check, while on vacation. Subscribe for new recipes every Saturday!!

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Summer is here, and with that, summer vacation plans. Not everyone can afford 5-star luxury resorts and exotic vacations, so our junior editor Jennifer Calonia put together these 4 helpful tips to help you plan a budget-friendly vacation for your entire family.

Tip #1 – Vacation close to home

As gas prices rise, so do the cost of plane tickets. Instead, drive to a closer location within your state. Your home state has a lot of interesting, fun, family-friendly destinations that you can visit, so why not take advantage of them?

The cost of gas will be -0 depending on where you go, but that’s a lot cheaper than a 0 plane ticket per person.

Tip #2 – The more the merrier!

Share the cost of the location with other people. Camping a is a great way to accomplish this, since campsites typically hold up to 8 people. If you have a family of four or less, consider sharing the site with another family of four, two couples, or a group of friends. The site will end up costing you about for the entire weekend!

Tip #3 – Skip pricey restaurant meals

The cost of 3 meals plus snacks each day can really add up over the course of a vacation. Buying groceries ahead of time can cut the overall cost of your vacation significantly.

If you’re traveling alone, choose a room with a mini fridge. If you’re traveling with a large group or a family, consider upgrading one of your rooms to include a small kitchenette. There you can prepare healthy, nutritious and affordable meals for everyone before and after sightseeing.

Tip #4 – Consider a hostel

Unlike the stereotype, hostels are not just for college students backpacking. Many hostels offer private rooms for families that are often under per night, saving you big over the 0 charge for a comparable room at a hotel.
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