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● FaceTeam Invades Spain! FIBA Basketball World Cup – Iberia Flyers

● Fear God

● Freestyle kayak loop

● GoPro Gainer off Ponderosa Bridge (Drone Vision)

● GoPro Studio Flux – Super Slow Motion

● Biggest bicycle jump into a lake

● Chuck and Lauren.m4v


● Crazy Tricks

● Backflip from swing onto bike

● EPIC PARKOUR JUMP-The art of flying Freerunning ( Parkour kid)

● The Coke Opening Ping Pong Trick Shot _ EditingSports


● People Are Awesome Slow Motion Only #2

● More Chairsplits

● High Five-SD

● Over rotating a massive kong Just hand spring haha – Parkour Ukemi

● Michal Navratil – jumped from hotel roof in St. Maarten

● Patrick Laughlin pulls the first bike to bike transfer

● Pole Calisthenics Noah Chorny on Instagram “I call this tric

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I call this trick "Climbing the invisible spiral staircase"😂 It's harder than it looks… Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting For licensing / permission to use, please email licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)co #poleclimbing #humanflag #chinesepole #beastmode #barstarzz #world_calisthenics_org #fitfam #poledancenation #spiral #instafit #polefitness #poledance #noexcuses #fitness #baristiworkout #bodybuilding #planche #muscleup #fitguy #barbrothers #ripped #yoga #fitnessfreak #fitspiration #shredded #cardio #fitspo #upartists #shredz @world_calisthenics_org @baristiworkout @barstarzz @poledancenation @upartists @letsdosomepullups @iamlegends @extremesportsvideos @circus.artist.cirque @sportsupporters

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● Individual Cycle Sport Stacking World Record 5.000 (William Orrell)

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Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts 2014 Forbes List ✔ 1080p (HD)

Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts 2014 Forbes List ✔ 1080p (HD)

Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts 2014 Forbes List 1080p (HD)

Here is the list of top 10 most expensive yacht in the world 2014. These are some of the most luxurious and lavish vessels used by some of the richest billionaires in the world.
These list include the following:

1. History Supreme
.8 billion

2. Eclipse
0 million

3. Dubai
0 million

4. Superyacht A
3 million

5. Al Said
0 million

6. Dilbar
3 million

7. Al Mirqab
0 Million

8. Lady Moura
0 Million

9. Seven Seas
0 Million

10. The Rising Sun
0 Million

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biggest yacht in the world
billionaire’s lifestyle
largest yacht in the world
most expensive cruise
Russian billionaire yacht
biggest largest longest best
yacht, yacht, yacht, yacht, yacht, yacht, yacht, yacht, yacht, yacht, yacht, yacht
warnings of a 90-foot,
killed five workers
before the launch,
million yacht trapped
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25 Most Expensive Yachts Ever Built

We’ve already brought you the 25 most insane concept yachts on Earth. Unfortunately, however, you won’t see too many of those on the water…they’re just concepts. The yachts you are about to see on the other hand, have nothing conceptual about them. They are the largest, most lavish toys on the planet and not surprisingly they belong to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. These are the 25 most expensive yachts ever built.

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Website: http://list25.
Instagram: @List25

Check out the written version for more info –


Le Grand Bleu
Maltese Falcon
Project Mars
Al Salamah
Rising Sun
Seven Seas
Lady Moura
Al Mirqab
Al Said
Superyacht A
Streets of Monaco
History Supreme

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Uncharted 3 (1080p) All Treasure Locations (Part 1) Chapters 1-7

All Treasure Locations (Part 2) Chapters 8 – 12

My Uncharted 3 Campaign Walkthrough (Hard) Playlist

Treasure Timeline:
Chapter 1: Another Round 00:15 (2 Treasures)
Treasure #1 Antique Boxing Medallion 00:18
Treasure #2 Brass Vesta Case 00:33

Chapter 2: Greatness From Small Beginnings 00:47 (7 Treasures)
Treasure #3 Emerald and Diamond Ring 00:48
Treasure #4 Antique Coin Purse 01:07
Treasure #5 Antique Colombian Soup Ladle 01:31
Treasure #6 Pottery Chimu Vessel 01:48
Treasure #7 Ancient Chupicuaro Figure 02:09
Treasure #8 Shamanistic Jaguar Head 02:33
Treasure #9 Antique Colombian Table Knife 02:54

Chapter 3: Second-Story Work 03:12 (3 Treasures)
Treasure #10 Dog-Shaped Incan Whistle 03:14
Treasure #11 Seventeenth Century Coin 03:35
Treasure #12 Silver Chimu Pendant 03:47

Chapter 4: Run to Ground 04:00 (6 Treasures + Strange Relic)
Treasure #13 Diamond-Studded Horse Brooch 04:03
Treasure #14 Coral Cameo Brooch 04:21
Treasure #15 Victorian Locket and Chain 05:04
Treasure #16 Silver Roses Bracelet 05:27
———-STRANGE RELIC 05:51———-
Treasure #17 Fierce Lion Bangle 06:30
Treasure #18 Pearl, Diamond and Ruby Brooch 6:50

Chapter 5: London Underground 07:27 (4 Treasures)
Treasure #19 Victorian Copper Penny 07:31
Treasure #20 Victorian Gold Sovereign 07:51
Treasure #21 Silver Hunter Pocketwatch 08:23
Treasure #22 Art Nouveau Flask 08:55

Chapter 6: The Chateau 09:16 (9 Treasures)
Treasure #23 Antique Wax Seal Stamp 09:18
Treasure #24 Gold Inlay Cameo Bangle 09:45
Treasure #25 Diamond and Paerl Bracelet 10:22
Treasure #26 Louis XVI Louis D’or Coin 11:05
Treasure #27 Emerald Cameo Brooch 11:40
Treasure #28 Art Nouveau Belt Buckle 12:20
Treasure #29 Ruby and Diamond Ring 12:48
Treasure #30 Silver Rococo Teapot 13:11
Treasure #31 Miniature Portrait Pendant 14:00

Chapter 7: Stay in the Light 14:23 (1 Treasure)
Treasure #32 Gold and Pearl Stickpin 14:31
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South Beach Strip at Night Miami Florida (“All That We Perceive” by Thievery Corporation) 1080p HD

Select 1080p in the viewing options if it does not automatically load in HD. Filmed using Canon Rebel T3i.
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Spring Break Panama City Beach UND [GoPro 1080p]

– Songs are listed below.
– We were there for a week and it cost us about 0-0 each.
– We had a group of 20 people to help cut costs.
– We stayed at Ocean Ritz Condos.
– The camera I used a GoPro 3+ black edition.
– The program I use to edit is Final Cut Pro X.
– The van we took is a friend of ours and we did not rent it.

Also check out springfest at UND:

Take Me Home – Cash Cash
Kids – Sleigh Bells
Have A Toast – DJ Unk
Red Lights (Twoloud Remix) – Tiesto

Thanks for watching!
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The Best People Are Awesome 2014 Full HD 1080p¡¡¡¡¡

Videos has catched from Devinsupertrap Brodie Smith And Redbull
0:00 Lensko – Cetus
2:06 Lensko – Let’s Go
3:52 Alan Walker – Fade
5:59 BIGSTAR – Amazing People
Video Rating: / 5

There are way too many awesome people in this world. Here are a few of them.

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The Real Lord of the Ring

Amazing Bubble Artist

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Longboard Bomb Jam

Parkour Singapore

Trike Drifting

Pikachu Parkour

The Bruce Lee of Bartending

Incredible Cigar Box Juggling

LED Pen Spinning

No Strings Attached – Craziest Yoyo Ever!

Cardistry – Singapore

Freestyle Football

Fingerboarding in Taiwan

Formosa Freerunning

Kendama ft. Zoomadanke

Freestyle Scooter

German Wheel – Human Hamster Wheel

The Mad Hatter – Hat Juggling

Devil Sticks

Contact Juggling

Awesome Things in Slow Motion

Freestyle Fixed Gear

Contact Swords
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Trials Riding
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Freestyle Basketball

Trike Drifting + Motors

Taiwan’s Fastest Cup Stacker

Can’t Stop Taiwan Freerunning

Mad Juggling Skillz

Freestyle Unicycle

Skateboarding ft. Kyle Ke

Freeline Skates are Strangely Awesome

The Art of Ninja

BMX with Eddie Mayhew

Amazing Yo-yo Performance

RC Drift Cars in Japan

Breakdancing ft. Bboy Tenchu

Pen Spinning

Ball Juggling

Dynamic Diabolo Duo

Taiwan’s 1st Longboard Festival

One Handed Rubik’s Cube Madness

Music: Kontinuum – Aware [NCS Release]
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RC JET onboard MOBIUS 1080P HD camera (wide angle lens) [NOT GoPro]

First outing of my new Mobius camera on the nose of a Habu2 EDF jet. Some low passes and high altitude flying on a nice sunny day near Fleet Pond in Hampshire, UK. 1080P at 30FPS. Quality looks…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Action movies | Best New Action Movies 1080p HD | New movies | English movies 2014

Action Movies – Best New Action Movies – Action Movies Full Movie 2014 – English movies 2014 full movie – New Movies Full -Action Movies 2014 – Best Action Movies – Action Movies Full Movie…
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2014 GoPro Hero Entry Level Camera underwater video quality sample (watch it in 1080p)

Just having a play with this camera, never used an action cam before so forgive the poor editing.. watch it in 1080p or its hard to see the school of australian salmon at the end 2014 GoPro…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Fly alongside Allison Stokke as she takes you through her pole vault routine and hear why she agrees with the notion that pole vaulters are indeed “a little crazy.” Shot 100% on the HERO4®…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Action movies 2015 full movie english hollywood 1080p New Movies [OFFICIAL]

New Action movies 2015 Horror movies 2014 Full cc English action movies 2015 full movie english hollywood,action movies,action movies 2015 full movie english,action movies american …
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‘Best of Luck’ is the story of 2 lovers – Kullu (Gippy), a pizza delivery boy in Vancouver and Goli Badmaash (Jazzy B), a modern day ‘Robinhood’ kind of a gangster, who helps the needy and…
Video Rating: 4 / 5