Desert Storm Street Party 2019 | Poker Run & Shootout | Big Boats in the Desert | Lake Havasu

More video clips and photos from today’s Desert Storm Street Party on McCullough. And yes, girls like big boats, too! 🙂


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Rat Rod And Hotrod For Sale Lake Havasu, AZ August 28, 2019

I spotted these 2 rods for sale today and made a video so you can see them. The Rat Rod is awesome. It has a Cummings Turbo Diesel and it has all sorts of unique touches to it. I missed some while making the video, but saw a few afterward. The office was closed and didn’t get a chance to find out the price, but I’m sure it’s a pretty penny. You can see their number on the sticker, so if you’re interested, give them a call. I don’t work for them or have any interest in whether you buy it or not. They’re just getting FREE advertising and I get to make this video for you.

The other hotrod has a 2004 fiberglass body and it has a 340 ci engine with 408 heads. There was a price sign laying on the floor and it’s marked at ,000. Everything is negotiable I think anyway.

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4th of July weekend 2019, SandBar London Bridge, Havasu City, AZ

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2019 WCN: M1 4WD – Truck Sportsman B Main – 10/26/19


I attended the 2019 West Coast Nationals this past weekend held at the Good Ol’ Boyz (GOB) RC Club and what an outstanding venue. Special thanks to Ed & Cindy Turney for their spectacular hospitality. Thank you for creating a special place for us to race. Their track crew did an outstanding job getting the track ready for this once a year 5th Scale Off-Road Racing Event. Special thanks to the Race Director, Kyle Christy for doing a great job keeping the racers in line and the program on track. Thanks again!

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Havasu Rough Riders Go To: Screw Bean Springs, Window Rock & More Lake Havasu City AZ 11-9-19

Havasu Rough Riders Go To:
Screw Bean Springs
Conception Point
El Campo Mine & Store
Gold Springs 1 & 2
Upper Jupiter Mine
Lost Dutchmen Mine
Window Rock
Near Lake Havasu City AZ 11-9-19

Havasu Deuce Days 2019 – Deuces Downtown


Havasu Deuce Days 2019 - Deuces Downtown

Havasu Deuce Days kicks off with “Deuces Downtown” on McCulloch Blvd in Lake Havasu City, AZ. This year saw 300 Hot Rods line the boulevard with 178 of them being 1932 Fords.

Havasu Deuce Days is held in Lake Havasu, AZ each year in March. It’s a 3-day gathering that includes a street event, garage tours, and car show that features 1932 Fords and cars from 1957 or earlier.

Havasu Deuces is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of very active 1932 Ford enthusiasts. All proceeds from the car show and merchandise sales go to Veterans and the Lake Havasu High School athletics programs in the form of scholarships.

Learn more about the event here:

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Memorial Day Weekend 2019 – Unassociated LV Takeover at Kokomo Havasu

2/3rds of Unassociated LV DJ squad took over Kokomo Day/Nightclub in Lake Havasu City ALL Memorial Weekend. From Friday night through Sunday night, DJ Ikaika, DJ Bonez, DJ Day Won and DJ Avionyx lit up the pool side throughout the day and night.

Spring Break Havasu 2019 – Lake Havasu City

March 16 – Saturday
Spring Break 2019 Lake Havasu City at the Bridgewater Channel with THE BOOM BANDITS and AZ SPRING BREAK

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#LakeHavasuCity #PlayLikeYouMean #Arizona

Havasu is notorious for its crazy parties when ASU is there but this was a week after so the party wasn’t even close to being as big but was still pretty crazy!!!
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Lake Havasu 2019 / Vámonos Getaway Vlog #7


Lake Havasu 2019 / Vámonos Getaway Vlog #7

Welcome to Vámonos Getaway Vlog!! It’s where I get away from the Mon – Fri.. 9 to 5 grind.. vámonos, lets go!!

Today we head out to Lake Havasu, Arizonaaaa. We party it up on the lake with the crew. Lake Havasu is a lake between California and Arizona. Party people hit the lake on Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, and other big summer holidays. We get the crew together and spend the weekend out there. This episode is day 1, our first day on the lake. We post up next to the London Bridge. Join us!!

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