Lost Treasure On Vancouver Beaches

Lost Treasure On Vancouver Beaches

What’s lost on your beaches? This video shows you what is lost and what was found.

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Amelia Island, Florida: Charming History, Culture, Beaches, Shopping and Dining

Watch a video about Amelia Island, Florida Vacations and the charming cultural and historical sites, as well as beaches, restaurants and shops.

Penang: a colonial melting pot with great food, golden beaches and urban style

golden sunrise
south beach gone wild
Image by Marcos Vasconcelos Photography
Canon 40D + Canon 17-40mm f/4L
south beach – Miami-FL

Penang: a colonial melting pot with great food, golden beaches and urban style
It occupies a spit of land on the west coast and, to the south of the central Colonial District, is Little India – an enclave where ramshackle masala chai stalls rule supreme over Starbucks. Push on and …. Backed by the peaks and mangroves of Penang …
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Best events this week: Misfits, Slaughter and smashed watermelons
A strong candidate for the best summer Monday outing that costs nothing, the soon-to-wrap Summer Theatre Fest from the South Florida Theatre League has been a testing ground for new and dynamic South Florida plays. The Jessica Farr-directed "Party …
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Pauline Bewick's wild mythological life
In their youth she travelled with Pat to St Tropez, and a woman "who seemed ancient to us but who was probably in her forties" observed the young couple on the beach together. … "He was this wild, Centaur-like, almost mythological person. … Later …
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Tjipetir mystery: Why are rubber-like blocks washing up on European beaches?

For the past few years, 100-year-old rubber-like blocks from Indonesia have been mysteriously washing up on beaches in the UK and northern Europe. The Titanic has been suggested as one of the possible sources – but now a beachcomber says she may have solved the puzzle of the Tjipetir blocks.

In the summer of 2012, Tracey Williams was walking her dog along a beach near her home in Newquay, Cornwall, when she spotted a black tablet on the sand, made of something resembling rubber.

It looked like a large chopping board and the word “Tjipetir” was engraved into it. Weeks later, she found another such curiosity on a different beach alongside bales of rubber, washed up in a cove.

Her curiosity piqued, she began to research the origins of these mysterious blocks. What she learned included stories of shipwrecks, an infamous World War One tragedy and the Titanic.

It also transpired that these blocks had been appearing on beaches across northern Europe, baffling everyone who had found them.

There has been speculation in the press as to the source of the washed-up blocks, with the Daily Mail and the Times recently running articles. The French press covered the story in April also.

But Williams believes she has worked out the source of the mystery – and it matches what the UK authorities think too.

Latest Topless Beaches News

Dawn Beach
topless beaches
Image by rezsox

6 Reasons Nude Beaches Are Great For Women (No, Really)
When I say the term “nude beach,” chances are a very specific image pops into your mind. Nude beaches are the source of many stereotypes and built-in preconceptions, most of which generally call to mind images of grinning sunburnt middle-aged German …
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Going Tahoe streaking: A look at the history behind some of the lake's
Legend has it that they enjoyed frolicking topless while joining the parties at the Whittell Estate. George Whittell once owned the land where the public beaches are now located, and built the Thunderbird Lodge, a unique and spectacular estate about a …
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Tunisia beach attack threatens economy, secular rule
Tunisia has become a destination for Europeans seeking topless beaches and Club Med resorts for a reason, Phares said. While conservative Islam has a powerful presence in the country, European-style liberalism has also permeated society. As a result of …
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Why should beachgoers be told what to wear? – Opinion – VietNam News
Andrew Burden, Canadian, Ha Noi. Point me to the bikini beach and start selling postcards of the girls! Canadians and Americans are quite conservative, but there are many topless beaches around the world, including in Europe. Nude beaches usually have …
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The Top Ten Amazingly Beautiful Secluded Beaches

The Top Ten Amazingly Beautiful Secluded Beaches

10-Navio Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico
09-Colombier Beach, St. Barts
08-Hidden beach in Marieta, Mexico
07-White Sand Beach, Ko Adang, Thailand
06-Rocktail Bay, South Africa
05-Monkey Beach, Tioman Island, Malaysia
04-Sancho Beach, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
03-Cayos Grande, Cayos Cochinos, Honduras
02-Coconut Beach, Lizard Island, Australia
01-Smuggler’s Cove, Zakynthos, Greece

source image :
Parque Nacional Islas Marietas
Praia da Baía dos Porcos - Fernando de Noronha - PE - Brasil
Coconut Beach, Lizard Island, Queensland, Australia

source music :
Ecstatic Wave by Jens Kiilstofte https://machinimasound.com/music/ecstatic-wave/
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Video Rating: / 5

Bermuda 2011 Cruise - Ashore - Secluded Beach at St. David's

A trip to St. George Bermuda. 5/30/2011 Day 3 Part 2 Very Secluded

Phranchyze – “Beaches” | Music 2012 | SXSW

The Nigerian-American born Jason Herman Alan-Jamal Shaw-Ogunro, JJ, has been curating his combative inflections in Austin since junior high. At the age of 16, Phranchyze won seven local hip-hop battles in a row, and knew that he had found his craft. Today, Featured in the international “battle” spotlight, he’s consistently more jarring, charismatic, funny, and witty than any competitors. Phranchyze’s YouTube portfolio of rap battles is conducive to wasting work hours. Having released over five full length albums and mix-tapes, his studio work is often regarded as vivid, concise rhymes mixed with compelling, moving beats. Over the past ten years, Phranchyze’s unheard of “freestyle” skill has created a unique image that evokes intelligent, affluent thought.

Whether for underground hip-hop networks like Grind Time Now, or Eminem-sanctioned Red Bull promos, Phranchyze’s features are top notch, winding, eight-to-ten minute slabs of humanism. In 2007, he cruised to the finals of the World Rap Championships, instinctively touting his Austin, Texas roots with a chip on his shoulder. Placing 3rd at the international finals in New York City, Phranchyze was able to add another impressive title to his other success:

* 2 x Rap Olympics Champion ’04

* World Rap Championships Houston Division Winner ’07

* 5 X No Hurt Feelings Freestyle Battle Champion ’07, ’08

* Toyota Scion “Keys to the City” Freestyle Battle Champion ’08

* 2 x Epedemiic Freestly Battle Champion ’09, ’10

* Red Bull “Road to Eight Mile” Freestlye Champion ’10

* 5x Voted top ten in Austin Hip-Hop: ’06, ’07, ’08′ ’09 ’10.

Phranchyze’s battle career has developed a unique personality for the rapper, and has differentiated his brand in the international genre.

“He’ll do homework on adversaries and pen exquisite one-liners, but leave the room and you will find a man that can flip a moment and leave an album in stitches with signatures.” On Flowmasters (2006, 2007), Phranchyze was smooth, crispy, and hungry to show the world his abilities. His crossover style burst on Customs (2008), and featured themes that blew the album into a behemoth regional sneaker pimp anthem he’d win you over with. Released at the SXSW festival in 2009, Errybody Hates Me, took the flow high octane. Featuring mix-tape legend DJ Rapid Ric, the work featured Phranchyzes love for Austin and annoyance with popular culture. The Black Larry Bird was Phranchyze unhinged. Featuring stalker odes to porn stars, learned hometown hero raps brimming with persona, his biggest hooks, best laid to wax stanzas, and over the top production value, the album is Phranchyze’s latest work and beginning to grow esteem in the local and regional marketplace.

Explore the region and you will find that Phranchyze not only freestyles, but writes and creates unique material. With packed, sweaty, and booming shows around Texas, Phranchyze has set the table for an aggressively fruitful 2011. It’ll be a banner year.

Nice White Sand Beaches photos

A few nice white sand beaches images I found:

Tropical white sand beach of Moal Boel,
white sand beaches
Image by Striking Photography by Bo Insogna
Beautiful White Sand Beach Moal Boel Philippines #Photography #Beach #Asia #InsognaGallery

Tropical white sand beach of Moal Boel, Philippines. Fine art nature landscape photography prints, canvas art, acrylic prints and stock images by By James Bo Insogna (C) 2012 – All Rights Reserved.

Larger image: www.jamesinsogna.com/Photography/Tropical-Fine-Art-Prints…

Koh Adang – White Sand Beach
white sand beaches
Image by brongaeh
Koh Adang – White Sand Beach – Thailand
January 2010

white sand beaches
Image by lkaloti

Spanish Beaches

Beaches in Spain:
Alicante 2011 05 20, Barcelona 2011 07 07, Valencia 2012 06 28

Plaże w Hiszpanii:
Alicante 2011 05 20, Barcelona 2011 07 07, Walencja 2012 06 28