GoPro Hero4 Black Edition – First Video

GoPro Hero4 Black Edition - First Video

First test of my new GoPro at the sea! Enjoy it !
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Filmed with a GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition!

Settings: 1080p/120FPS and 1080p/30FPS

Sony’s FDR-X1000V (X1000V for short) is up against the GoPro Hero4 Silver running the latest 2.0 firmware. The X1000V is a new line of Sony ActionCam aimed to be their premium model. Sony does have a advantage out of the gate with it sporting the ability to do 100Mbs bitrate 4k over the GoPro Silver’s 45Mbs bit rate and 2.7 maximum. However spec sheets aren’t going to give you 1st place. We put these two cameras through some of the hardest conditions to film in at Big Bear Mountain and to see if which camera can handle it.

Micro SD Card

SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB UHS-I/U3 SDSDQXP-064G-G46A

Lexar High-Performance MicroSDXC 633x LSDMI64GBBNL633R

User/Viewer suggested tested card suggestions

Sony Camera PDF Manuals


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March 2015

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Firmware Version installed during the creation of this video:

“info version”:”2.00″,
“camera type”:”GoPro Hero4 Black “,

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Larry McRae climbs waterfall on Black Viper Trail

Larry McRae climbs waterfall on Black Viper Trail

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Hawaii The Big Island – GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

Music: Slow Magic – Corvette Cassette (Audiotree Live version)

The best moments of our trip to the Big Island! The enitre video was captured with the GoPro HD HERO3: Black Editition at 1080p 60fps. Color graded in Davinci Resolve (thanks to my pops for helping me through that one!)

Huge thanks to my good friend Justin Smith and all the homies we made on the big island! This trip was nothing but fun and adventure, Dusty Owens is insane, and I look forward to revisiting this wonderful place.

Hope you all enjoy!

Edited by: David Probst Jr

Grande battue de sangliers – GoPro Hero4 BLACK – Chasse HD

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Résumé de ma 2ème partie de saison en battue de grand gibier.
Quelques compagnies et quelques chevreuils sont venu me rendre visite au poste !

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– Caméra de chez StudioSPORT le spécialiste des caméras pour la chasse : !

Carabine Blaser R8 Pro – 9.3×62
Lunette Swarovski Z6i 1-6×24

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Dindin :

Chasse Passion :

Chasse TV :

CaméraChasse :

Edouard :

À bientôt amis passionnés !

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