GoPro Clone KeeCoo Full HD Action Sport Camera

More and more Chinese Clone and Chinese made HD Action Sports cameras are filling the market. It’s getting difficult to decide which camera to buy and or if it’s a right purchase, and or that you get the right camera worthy of your investment. There isn’t enough info out there on seller’s website except our Cameras are best. Most of the times users will order something that looks cool and seller promising that it’s the best camera, but later it turns out to be piece of crap.

Here at AliShanMao’s Quadmaster layer we order and compare such new coming cameras in the market to honestly show its features, its working, its cons and pros and its performance, plus we compare it to winners like GoPro 4, Dazzne P2 Cameras so that our viewers, the end consumers can decide easily if this new camera is worth buying or not.

Enjoy the review of this new KeeCoo HD Action sports camera, that looks amazingly a Genuine GoPro 4, but do not be deceived by its looks, and design that is exactly the same as GoPro 4. It’s a Chinese brand GoPro 4 copy. Running a different Chipset than SJCAM, the video shooting quality of this camera is very good. However its sound recording did not impress me much. Recorded sound is of poor quality and recorded at very low db. This is the review to show what the camera looks like, how it functions and its accessories, unboxing etc. Also see the comparison Video where we brought GoPro 4 Vs Dazzne P2 Vs KeeCoo Vs iShot. I am sure you have watched iShot camera review on my channel and in this video we could see iShot and KeeCoo trying to take up their place in the race of HD Action Sports camera. Unfortunately, both did not impress me. GoPro 4 and Dazzne P2 are still the winners.

You can get this camera here with discount code KVCEGSKG–0-7–LCD-H-264-170-Degree-Wide-Angle-Lens-Waterproof-Diving-HD-Camcorder-for-iOS-and-Android—Black-341880.html?utm_source=alishanmao&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=keecoo

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