Columbian Hammocks or Mochilas

In Columbia, a hand woven bag that is made by numerous tribes in the country is known as a mochila. The many types of bags represent a mosaic of the tribes that live in the country and the diverse areas of Columbia. Or instance, the bags that are made in the Guajira area are known for their intricate designs and vibrant colors. Usually, they are made from cotton thread or nylon fiber. In the La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the mochilas are made by the Kogi tribe and are more naturally colored with simple stripes, yellows, oranges, browns, and whites.

Usually, they are made from a natural plant fiber. Conversely, some bags frequently have geometric white and black designs and are made from cotton. A person can learn to distinguish the differ patterns from different tribes through careful observation.

There is nothing more Latin American than a hammock. A person can spend their lazy days near the Caribbean coast, relaxing in the ocean breeze. Another picture that comes to mind is that of renting a hammock for the night after you have been hiking in the jungle all day. Much the same as a mochila, hammocks are available in numerous functions, colors, shapes, and sizes. They are also different based on the area where they were made. Therefore, you might want to buy your hammock that was made in the region where you visited.

Columbian hammocks are available in a one person and two person varieties. Therefore you need to consider carefully if you want to share your hammock with a loved one which may be somewhat awkward at first but then is quickly transformed into a lovely experience. Although many Columbian hammocks are hand woven, these days, they are also being made by machine. You will have to ask a sales representative to tell you if it is machine or handmade and more about the hammock in general.

Be sure to look at the stitching carefully to make sure that is durable because the material is strongly woven, unless you simply want something to decorate your back yard and probably won’t see much use. You should unfold your hammock to determine its shape and size. You should also consider where you are likely to hang your hammock at your house. With some common sense you can find the hammock that will meet all of your needs, and you will be thankful later when your yard has a souvenir that will reflect your travel experience.

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Columbian golden tegu falling asleep in shower

Our golden tegu named “teg”, falling asleep in a warm shower. 🙂 he is around 5 months old.
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A 1500 year old pre-columbian artifact in the shape of a modern aircraft is tested for flight worthiness.
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She’s a very beautiful animal. I’m nervous in the video. Lol. I ment to say woodchips. N wood also, she’s on and if interested please contact me, she needs a home it would help put a lot thank you ( no begginer reptilians please ) thank you
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Columbian 6-Piece Star Bit Socket Set-3/8″ Drive

Columbian 6-Piece Star Bit Socket Set-3/8″ Drive

Columbian 6-Piece Star Bit Socket Set-3/8

Columbian 6-Piece Star Bit Socket Set3/8″ Drive Professional quality in design and construction Secured with a press fit into polished chrome sockets Set Includes: 3/8 Drive Star Bit Sockets: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30

List Price: $ 12.99


demon the columbian golden tegu and custam enclosure

this is my tegu and his inclosure took me a wile to build but it is awsome….
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Starbucks Columbian Ground Coffee, 12 oz

Starbucks Columbian Ground Coffee, 12 oz

Starbucks Columbian Ground Coffee, 12 oz

  • Starbucks Ground Coffee
  • Medium Colombia Flavor
  • Balanced and Nutty Taste
  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • 12oz (340g) Package

NOTE: Actual product packaging may differ from image shown. Starbucks is currently going through a packaging redesign. Coffees are now categorized by roast each with its own color mark . Now you can easily find the roast you like and the blend you like within that roast. Tasting notes: Balanced Nutty br Flavor Intensity: Medium Latin America Colombia. Venturing to coffee farms 6,500 feet up treacherous dirt roads-with a sheer mountain wall to your right and the cliff dropping off to your left-is

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Beautiful Endangered species Columbian White Tailed Deer.

Beautiful Endangered species Columbian White Tailed Deer.

Wild wildlife, white tailed deer and red vixen. Deer has an uncanny sense of where to find the green spring freshness the earth provides. Ask the deer within ourselves to seek out our inner treasures. In meditation or day dream, go on a spiritual ride with the deer. See yourself walking in the woods with the deer leading you into amazing depths within your soul. Each step you and deer take will lead you deeper into your spiritual knowing, and to a limitless treasure within.

Navy force and scientists recently discovered a 317-year-old ship with a huge trove of treasures inside under the Caribbean, the Colombian government confirmed in Bogota on December 5.

Galleon San Jose, a Spanish boat built in 1698, sank near the city of Cartagena in 1708 after an attack by British fleet en route from Panama to the Caribbean coast.

(Soundbite) Juan Manuel Santos, Colombian President
“Scientific research has been done through mapping, meteorological and historical studies, with the latest technology available in the world today. It is unprecedented in Colombia.”

As legends had it, the boat was loaded with emeralds, silver bars, billion of coins and thousands of gold bullions.

The Ministry of Culture of Colombia and the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History will be responsible for excavation of the wreckage.