Egypt calls experts to study new data on Tut's tomb

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A friend of mine found these as bookmarks in a book she bought at a flea market.

Egypt calls experts to study new data on Tut's tomb
… are discovered behind the western and northern walls covered in hieroglyphs and bas-reliefs in Tut's tomb, it would likely be the biggest discovery in Egyptology since Howard Carter first discovered the king's 3,300-year-old burial chamber and its …
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Letter: Merge efforts to beautify our parks
Unfortunately, all we may find are weeds and disorder resulting from the reduction of finances and personnel to maintain these treasures. My husband and I recently took a trip to Australia, a country known for its deserts and general lack of water …
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Retaking Syria's Palmyra reveals more shattered antiquities
That may explain why the militants killed the archaeological site's 81-year-old director, Khaled al-Asaad, who was beheaded last August after he reportedly refused to say where authorities had hidden some of the town's treasures. Al-Asaad, who was …
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Treasures found in Butte Creek Mill rubble
“My pouch runneth over,” Medina Russell said to mill owner Bob Russell (no relation) of the vintage treasures gradually filling his pouch. “You did find some stuff!” Bob Russell said to his friend and fellow antiques collector. “I had all my pharmacy …
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Festival Egypt Show At porto south Beach 2015

Festival Egypt Show At porto south Beach 2015

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GoPro: Water-skiing in the streets of Alexandria – Egypt (Round 1)

The very first attempt to Waterski in THE STREETS after a long rainy night in Alexandria, Egypt using a Hydroslide kneeboard, GoPro cameras and some Jeeps YJ. Enjoy and share it, just don’t…
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Hey friends. This is an edit of my week with the Ferguson Family In Roma…. We had an awesome time with jody skipper doing some coaching with us in the last 2 days… Cant wait to do it again…
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