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This week we’ve got three awesome people refusing to be held back by vertigo and braving extreme heights. From climbing along the “Knife’s Edge” on Capitol Peak to an extreme unicycle ride down a narrow mountain path, with a steep cliff edge to the side.

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People Are Awesome 2015 (Extreme Sport Edition) HD

People Are Awesome Sport Edition by SmashTV. It´s amazing what people can do. Jumping, Flying,Skiing everything is there.

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Song:Topher Mohr – Hot Heat

✔ 100 % Pure Awesome People Extreme Sports Action ~ Utoobasaurus

YouTube’s TOP 10 viewed! This is CRAZY fast, POV dangerous and 100% Awesome! These people are extreme. You gotta love Gopro and Red Bull.
Xtreme Video Youtube Link! Subcribe!:,d.aWc
~ Awesome song ‘Blinding Night’ by TIMESOUNDER
(* Copyright for music has TIMESOUNDER* )
*We are working very hard to acknowledge all original videos! If you are one of these awesome people or you know any of these awesome people then please let us know* No Utoobasaurus videos, including this one, are monetized!
(Awesome people use GoPro Cameras!)
Glide Cam:
(Awesome people use Glide Cam!)
0:00 Monster Energy
0:14 Speedflying in Wengen 2010 ~ Camera & edit by Halvor Angvik
Co-Pilot is Jokke Sommer !
0:27 Freeskier Phil Meier Profile (Red Bull) (Phil Meier)
0:31 World’s widest slip and slide (Devin Supertramp)

0:41 Fun at illegal water slide in Australia HD
1:08 Slip N’ Slide Launches People Into Kiddie Pool
1:22 Ben Brown: Kayaking around the world with my GoPro
1:29 ~ GoPro: Kirby Chambliss & Red Bull Air Force – EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2012

1:36 ~ Like There’s No Tomorrow Official Trailer (Warren Miller Entertainment)

1:37 The Art of FLIGHT – snowboarding film trailer w/Travis Rice (Red Bull)

1:45 Redbull ‘Danny MacAskill’ ~ Way Back Home

1:49 Freeskier Phil Meier Profile (Red Bull)

2:03 GoPro HD: Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud

2:17 Human Slingshot Slip and Slide – Vooray (Devin Supertramp)

2:29 World’s widest slip and slide (Devin Supertramp)

2:30 Worlds Largest Rope Swing (Devin Supertramp)

2:44 Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev! (Devin Supertramp)

3:12 Danny Strasser (Producer of video) / the “Rollerman” is Jean Yves Blondeau

3:30 WINGSUIT RACING – Human Flight at 140mph! (Devin Supertramp)

3:40 ~ GoPro HD: Airplane Tail Grab with the Werth Brothers

4:37 Salt Boarding- Blank Snowboards (Devin Supertramp)

5:01 ~ GoPro: Anthony Walsh Tahiti – TV Commercial

5:56 ~ GoPro HD: Remembering Sion Milosky “R.I.P. Sion”

6:03 Jeb Corliss – China’s Tianmen Mountain

7:26 GoPro HD Hero – Best of…
7:29 Redbull ‘Danny MacAskill’ ~ Way Back Home

7:39 Jeb Corliss ~ Wingsuit Through Waterfall (GoPro/Jeb Corliss!)
7:53 Red Bull & Levi LaVallee ~ World Record Snowmobile jump!

8:20 Base Jumping POV ! Drift Innovation

8:41Alexander Polli ~ Human Flight Athlete
8:54 Andy Hurdam ~ Team Hydrus ~ UpDown Productions

9:29 Alexander Polli ~ Human Flight Athlete
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Top 10 shocking cases bodybuilders who went too far with steroids, drugs and substance abuse.
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The world of bodybuilding is exclusive and isolating in its own right, as only the truly dedicated will spend loads of time in the gym while drinking protein and creatine shakes. There are competitions that are dedicated to the perfectly sculpted body, judging on strength, aesthetics, flexing abilities, plus tanning color. The prize? Prestigious titles, cash prizes, potential modeling contracts, fame, and respect from others in the fitness world. But just because someone has large muscles, doesn’t mean that they are healthy. Lately, there has been a surge of bodybuilders who will take their hobby and dedication to the extreme, resulting in taking steroids and other drugs. Bodybuilding is also very hard on the heart, and it is not uncommon to hear of a body builder who dropped dead from a heart attack.
The internet is flooded with articles and videos with workouts, diet plans, and advice, all for obtaining the perfect body and developing your muscles to the point where your muscles seem to have muscles growing on them. With so much information that can be found online, it is almost pointless to look into a personal trainer anymore, which can be extraordinarily dangerous. If you are considering a career in bodybuilding, the wisest path is to get a personal trainer as well as consult with a doctor to make sure that your health is well enough to take on the challenge.
But with all activities and hobbies, there is such a thing as taking something too far. In this video, are people who took bodybuilding to the extreme, either they died from their training, they were left permanently disfigured, or they continue to pursue their endeavors despite looking inhuman. We call them dedicated, winners, or even crazy. It is a fine line between fitness, looking good, and doing the ironic action of destroying your body from the inside out, al for the sake of being the picture of perfect health.

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