Kayaking Havasu National Wildlife Refuge – February 25, 2012

Kayaking the backwaters of the Colorado River north of Lake Havasu on February 25, 2012
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0.00 – Dive into Inflatable Ring

0.06 – Ping Pong Trick Shots

0.11 – Parkour Kong Jump

0.16- Meanwhile, in Norway

0.23 – Yoga Partner Handstand Excercise

0.36 – Backflip on Building Ledge

0.39 – Triple Backflip Rope Swing into Pool

0.45 – Zorb Ball Gymnastics

0.47 – Devonte Williams Box Jump

0.49 – 52 Year Old Dad Skateboarding

0.52 – Soccer Trick Shot to Basketball Net

0.55 – Football Freestyler

1.00 – Incredible balance trick.

1.15 – Once in a lifetime golf putt.

1.25 – Balance Board Trick

1.30 – Zorb Ball Acrobatics

1.32 – Football Freestyler

1.38 – Ping Pong Trick Shot

1.40 – Sideflipping Up The Street

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Y vosotros, cómo subís las escaleras?

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1.43 – High Jump on stack of weights

1.45 – Parkour Jump off Building

1.47 – Circus Cube Tricks in New York City

1.52 – One Finger Pull Up

1.55 – Front Flips on Skis

1.59 – Header Challenge In a Pool

2.06 – Pool Trick Shot

2.14 – Juggling Your Friends Balls

2.18 – Zorb Ball Acrobatics

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