Fury Fitness Wooden Balance Board – Round – Made of High-Quality Wood – Perfect for Surf Training – Balancing – Rehab – Home Use Wobble Trainer Reviews

Fury Fitness Wooden Balance Board – Round – Made of High-Quality Wood – Perfect for Surf Training – Balancing – Rehab – Home Use Wobble Trainer

Fury Fitness Wooden Balance Board - Round - Made of High-Quality Wood - Perfect for Surf Training - Balancing - Rehab - Home Use Wobble Trainer

  • PRODUCT LAUNCH SPECIAL: See below for details on how you can save BIG right now with our Balance Board Product Launch Special!
  • STAND WHILE YOU “WORK”? Do you love working from your stand up desk while you “work” at the office (aka post on Facebook to let people know how awesome your new stand up desk is)? Well, how about you take your standing desk up a notch by trying to post, tweet, email, IM, and watch the latest Grumpy Cat video on YouTube while wobbling on a high-quality balance board? Come on, let’s see what you’re made of!
  • WHOLE FAMILY FUN: Want to “entertain” (distract) your kids? Get them a balance board. This high-quality wood board is great for everyone in the family. Put one in your living room as an extra movie night challenge. However, Fido may not appreciate it much.
  • USE BAREFOOT: You can use this puppy barefoot, with socks on, or with shoes on. Just, for everyone’s sake, make sure you wash your feet (at least once a week).
  • PERFECT SIZE: Has been tested (so far) with up to 208 pounds. Unless you have monster feet, the 40cm (15.7 in.) diameter of the pure wood top is plenty big. Worst case, for those giganto feet individuals, you can always get two – one for each foot 🙂

High-Quality Balance Board for the Ninja in You.Want to be able to tight-rope walk with your eyes closed across skyscrapers?Well, that’s crazy. Can’;t help you there.But, how about improve your balance, ankle flexibility, core strength, and give your feet something to do while working at your standing desk?Can’t help you there either.Just kidding. That part we can help with.This bad boy balance / wobble board is just what you need. Whether you’;re improving sports performance, rehabing from an i

List Price: $ 29.99


PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Fitness Edition)

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Don’t think feel.

Cinzia Weighted Pancake

Partner Push Ups

Deadlift in heels epic fail

Happy Motivational Monday

Guy In Wheelchair Pulls A SUV

Krystal Cantu Weight lifting

Rope Hoist – Epic Strength

Human Flag

Locust Pose

CrossFit Baby does perfect snatch

Dmitry Fedotov & Dmitry Moiseev

Francesco Antonucci

Andrea Larosa. Planche and Handstand training.

Three Zanettis from rest position Markku Vahtila

Middle Split Jump Squats


Human flag pull ups with straight legs

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Today's workout: Human flag pull ups with straight legs, followed by a flag. To see my pole video that Frank Medrano shared on FB last week: 👉Check out my page!👈 #humanflag #chinesepole #humanflag #chinesepole #pullups #dragonflag #beastmode #calisthenics #abs #streetworkout #polefitness #workout #noexcuses #fitness #instafit #fitspo #planche #muscleup #fitguy #barbrothers #planche #barstarzz #fitnessfreak #fitspiration #circus #poledance #cardio #strength #poledancenation #shredz @poledancersofinstagram @poledancenation @polefitnesss @barstarzz @baristiworkout @world_calisthenics_org @mr_barfreakz @barbrothersdc @calisthenics_of_ig @iamlegends @humansareamazing @letsdosomepullups @parkour.freerun @cleanstrength @talntsfitness @fitness @circus.artist.cirque @ne_no_excuses

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505 lb ( 230 kg ) Deadlift and Backflip

Extreme Push Ups Mix Giorgos Votsis

A little burpee and back squat WOD

300 lb (136 kilo) Indian style

Dad Doing Pull Ups With His Son Hanging On

Handstand Pushups with wheelchair

Here is combination of different pole tricks

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Here is combination of different pole tricks to Kings of Leon✌ To see more cool vids and acrobatic photos 👉Check out my page!👈 😇 #poleclimbing #humanflag #chinesepole #beastmode #barstarzz #world_calisthenics_org #fitfam #poledancenation #dragonflag #instafit #polefitness #poledance #noexcuses #fitness #baristiworkout #bodybuilding #planche #muscleup #fitguy #barbrothers #ripped #yoga #fitnessfreak #fitspiration #shredded #cardio #fitspo #upartists #shredz @poledancenation @upartists @polefitnessvideos @poledancersofinstagram @baristiworkout @mr_barfreakz @barstarzz @world_calisthenics_org @ne_no_excuses @letsdosomepullups @calisthenics_of_ig @iamlegends @circus.artist.cirque @extremesports.page

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Last summer in Vegas vacation workout !

jujimufu going crazy with the 100lbs chair split!

When you get together with @straight_arm_sosa and @moderntarzan at muscle beach.

Twin Baby Pullups

Fitcouple shoulder press Finnish Gymnast Markku Vahtila & his wife

How to Eat doing Handstand Push Ups !

Joshua Kellum – Cannon Ball

Yelling Screaming Female squating raw Lucila McHahon

the real benchpress – El Eggs

Supermarket shopping gymnast style 2 – Markku Vahtila

Another partner strength exercise

Workout by Artyom “Back up” from Russia

Baby of 15 months, the future of CrossFit.

Handstand Claps Push Ups

World record for push-ups with claps, hands back a minute 41 times

Fitness exercise with your dog

Goodnight Push Ups

315 lbs for reps on bedpress