Trike flight over Lake Havasu, AZ


Nice smooth flight this morning over Lake Havasu with Reb Wallace of Ultralight Dream Catchers.
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Lake Havasu Flying..

Such A Beautiful Place To Relax And Fly..
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Lake Havasu 4th of July 2013 Aerial Drone Flight Phantom

Flying over Thompson Bay at Lake Havasu just before the fireworks started. Risky water takeoff and landing from the boat! My favorite place to watch the fireworks!

Artist: SACRED
Track: Oceanic
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VFR Flight to Lake Havasu in Cessna 180

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Space Shuttle Columbia Investigation – Last Flight of Spaceshuttle Columbia – BBC

This clip from the BBC documentary The Last Flight of Space Shuttle Columbia looks back at the investigation into the disaster, and reveals some amazing insights. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:
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Recorded July 26, 2014

My drive through the Columbia River Gorge along the border of Oregon and Washington. My stops include…

01:38 Crown Point/Vista House
03:43 Latourell Falls
05:12 Shepperd’s Dell
06:51 Wahkeena Falls
07:53 Multnomah Falls
14:20 Horsetail Falls
15:39 Bridge of the Gods
18:53 Spring Creek/Lower Columbia River
21:12 Hood River White Salmon Bridge
23:56 Mount Hood




Astronauts: Joe H. Engle and Richard H. Truly
Launch date: November 12, 1981

The NASA documentary shows the second launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia, the world’s first reusable spacecraft. Also includes the events leading up to the second launch, major crew activities on-orbit, and landing.

This film made available courtesy NASA / .

WDTVLIVE42 – Transport, technology, and general interest movies from the past – newsreels, documentaries & publicity films from my archives. #Space

Students at Columbia College are interviewed about their unfortunate experiences with student loans, and how heavily in debt they now are because of them. These students may be paying these debts back for the rest of their lives, and are more than ready to share their frustrations with the Columbia administration regarding the skyrocketing cost of tuition. Unfortunately, Columbia college will not listen to them. Maybe you will.

Seconds from Disaster – S02E01 – Space Shuttle Columbia [Columbia’s Last Flight]

I DO NOT own this video. ALL credit goes to National Geographic for making these awesome videos! 🙂

As the Space Shuttle Columbia lifts off from the Kennedy Space Center on a 16-day mission, a piece of insulating foam breaks off the external fuel tank and damages the left wing of the shuttle. As it enters the Earth’s atmosphere during the return trip, Columbia disintegrates under the massive heat, killing all seven astronauts on board.
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Officer Ben Fields assaults High School Student Columbia South Carolina Officer Ben Fields assaults High School Student Columbia South Carolina

other videos to watch:

Please make this video famous. This is Officer Ben Fields assaulting a peaceful female high school student at Spring Valley High School in Columbia South Carolina.

Officer Ben Fields assaults High School Student Columbia South Carolina

Teacher abused by students “Teacher abused by students” This happened to someone

Officer Ben Fields assaulting a Student 10/26/15

#AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh RCPD Officer Brutally Attacks Spring Valley HS Student in Columbia, SC

Cop fights student at Spring Valley high School – Police brutality against blacks October 26, 2015

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Rothschild Behind Disappearance of Flight MH370?

After weeks of searching for Malaysian Airlines flight 370, another mystery about the flight has started to surface. One of the richest, most powerful people in the world may have profited greatly when the flight went missing, Jacob Rothschild.

Among the 239 passengers aboard the craft were 20 senior employees of U.S. based technology company Freescale Semiconductor. Most of the missing individuals are engineers and designers, according to a press release from management. They were working on a project to make factories in Asia more efficient.

The KL-03 microcontroller was recently developed by the corporation, for use in military radar systems.

Freescale RF, a division of Freescale Semiconductor, develops radar, avionics and missile guidance systems for the military. There are 17 billion computer chips produced by the company in use around the world.

Four days after the flight disappeared, a patent was issued for new semiconductor technology. That license was awarded to five parties — Freestyle Semiconductor, and four Chinese employees of the company. Investigators believe all four of these people were on-board the aircraft when it vanished.

Mitch Haws, vice- president of investor relations for Freescale, said, “These were people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people. It’s definitely a loss for the company.”

Now that the passengers on MH370 have been declared dead, the entire patent can now be awarded to the company, currently owned by Jacob Rothschild. The multibillionaire is a member of the Rothschild family, who own and manage many of the world’s largest banks and other financial institutions.

This new piece of evidence does provide a motive for the disappearance of the plane MH370 and has many independent news outlets questioning the Rothchild’s ties to the flight. While it does shed a bit of light on the disappearance in only clouds the waters further as Navies and satellites around the world still look for possible pieces of the plane.
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Check out chopper footage from Michigan Mud Jam 2014. No mud in this video just clean and mean Trucks. This flight was a short one and didn’t even touch on the amount of Trucks and people that showed up for this Trucks Gone Wild Event.
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F-16 RC Lander FPV Onboard Cockpit Camera Maiden Flight

this was the first flight with my RCLander F-16D with 76mm EDF, 6s 4200mah 35C battery, electric twin struts, 2300g total weight.
flight was far away from perfect, ailerons were totally twitchy this time and i used the same settings i had with my 4s setup! well, the grass emergency landing didnt damage much, only the rear down stabs broke. glued on again. better video will follow, hopefully 😉

Easiest way to mount GoPro camera to a RC plane? (+ nice test flight with EasyStar)

This may be the easiest way to attach GoPro camera to a RC plane. You just need one Vented Helmet Strap which comes with HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition… or you can buy it separately (

This test video is filmed on sea ice of the Gulf of Finland. The RC plane we used is an old and trusty Multiplex Easy Star which has seen better days. We also tested Polar Pro polarization filter on GoPro and it seems to work nicely (

Filming and flying: Heikki Ruismäki
Editing: Mikko Halonen

Music: FootageFirm

GoPro HD HERO 2 (PAL 960p 50 fps… this setup was a mistake)
Canon Legria(/Vixia) HF200

Multiplex Easy Star:
Brushless Motor 2409-12 1600kv
ESC High Tech 25A
Prop 6x4E
LiPo 2100mAh 3S 18C

Video editing software:
Adobe CS5 Premiere Pro
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