These guys have invented three new sports, AN2M crew combined zorb balls, gymnastics and acrobatics to create ACROZORBING. Harry Owen combined trampoline and balance beam to create TRAMPOBEAM and the guys from F&B Acrobatics demonstrate their phenomenal strength in a mini game of HANDSTAND FOOTBALL. You won’t be seeing these events at the Rio 2016 olympics, but maybe one day!

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A River Loved: A film about the Columbia River & the people invested in its future

“A River Loved” is a documentary film that tells the story of the Columbia River and the diverse people and interests in the basin.

After watching the film at the 2011 Symposium on Columbia River Governance (in Kimberley, BC), over 90% of people reported that they walked away with a better understanding of others’ perspectives and interests. Just as many (over 90%) said they thought others who see this film will understand their point of view better. Finally, many people who watched the film (~70%) said that they either refined or came up with a new idea about how to manage the Columbia while watching the film.

—-About Me—-
I made this film as part of my Master’s work in Water Resources Policy & Management at Oregon State University. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to talk to so many wonderful people in the PNW while making this film, and I was thrilled that I could play some small part in helping facilitate dialogue towards the future of this beautiful region! It is my hope that this film will continue to spark dialogue and foster a deeper understanding of the benefits that can be shared in the Columbia River Basin.

—-More Info about the Columbia River—-
The Columbia River has been successfully managed by the United States and Canada for hydropower and flood control since the 1960s. The Columbia River Treaty is an inspirational example of international cooperation; however, needs and values for the basin have changed since the 1960s.

Many values for the river, including salmon migration, ecosystem services, aesthetics, recreation, and cultural value were not included in the original treaty. Furthermore, the treaty was negotiated by federal entities, and important actors- from tribes to regional stakeholders- were not actively included in the process.

Today, these topics are being discussed throughout the basin. In 2024, the flood control provisions of the Columbia River Treaty will expire. This creates the perfect opportunity for all the stakeholders on both sides of the border to come together and have a conversation about future management of the Columbia.

—-Production Details—-
Produced by: Julie Elkins Watson
Water Resources Policy & Management MS Student: Oregon State University
Year: 2011
Language: English
Region: North America, Pacific Northwest
Video Rating: / 5