Gold Museum – Museo del Oro Pre-Columbino

Museo del Oro Pre-Columbino, or Gold Museum (San José) Home to over 1600 gold objects, this museum hosts the largest pre-Columbian gold collection in Central America. The museum, located underneath the Plaza de la Cultura, explains the origin, meaning and fabrication of these gold pieces.

Come find your paradise…

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River of Gold: Precolumbian Treasures from Sitio Conte

An Exhibition on view at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette LA from February 2 through April 15. visit

A Taste of Costa Rica – Gold Museum and Continental Divide

The first day of our Road Scholar trip through Costa Rica.
Breakfast, introductions, an interesting lecture, tour of the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum and a ride to the Continental Divide.
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Latest Columbian Gold News

My view: Support Indigenous People's Day
The Columbian expedition came with a cost, profound and global in import. When Columbus arrived on the island he called … “Gold is treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world.” More, Columbus established the encomienda—a …
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House member: Mine breached on purpose
The Republican chairman of a congressional panel investigating a 3-million-gallon spill of toxic wastewater from an inactive Colorado gold mine said Tuesday the mine was purposely breached by a government cleanup team. The assertion by House Natural …
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Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part 1/2)

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Swaziland is a landlocked country sandwiched between South Africa and Mozambique. Despite Swaziland’s small size, it boasts more hectares of land dedicated to growing Cannabis than all of India. It is also home to Swazi Gold, the legendary sativa strain.

Hamilton Morris travels to Swaziland hoping to chemically analyze the cannabinoids present in some of the local strains. Instead, he finds a country steeped in political corruption and economic turmoil. Cannabis is viewed by many growers, users, and politicians as a drug that will cause insanity, but it may be Swaziland’s only hope for economic stability.

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Fault Lines – Colombia’s Gold Rush

Fault Lines - Colombia's Gold Rush

Gold fever is sweeping across South America. Nowhere is it more lethal than in Colombia, where the gold rush has become a new axle in Colombia’s civil war. Turf wars are erupting between paramilitaries, and leftist rebel groups fighting to take control of mining regions. It’s fueling an old ideological conflict and has displacing hundreds of people.

Helicopter raids by the Colombian Army on small community mining collectives have become commonplace, and the Colombian government is accused of targeting poor workers to protect big business interests, and operating with impunity from human rights violations.

Thousands have fled their homes where land is violently contested, and others live in fear they’ll be removed from their land, arrested, or killed.

The multinationals are flooding in too. With gold now worth around ,500 an ounce, everyone is getting in on the act, including North American mining companies. Colombia’s pro-business mentality has seen arbitrary concessions by the state sold to multinational companies, often on indigenous land.

Fault Lines traveled to Colombia to speak to the people caught in the middle. The rural workers and artisan miners who’ve mined for generations, and some whose ancestors were enslaved during the first gold rush centuries ago. Others are former coca farmers, put out of work by the US-led Plan Colombia.

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Latest Columbian Gold News

Consider Grand Bahama for a quiet island getaway
This was the case at Gold Rock Beach at Lucayan National Park, which at $ 5 per head is a don't-miss stop just a few miles east of Freeport along the Grand Bahama Highway. Tour companies and taxis make trips to the park, which features trails to an …
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Meet Me in St. Louis
ALA officials stand in front of the Hall of Congresses at the St. Louis World's Fair, 1904: (left to right) ALA President-Elect Ernest Cushing Richardson, former ALA President Reuben Gold Thwaites, and ALA President Herbert Putnam. … 1876 Centennial …
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Treasure hunter vanishes while searching for million gold stash in NM
Fenn told ABC News that chest contains 265 gold coins that are “mostly American eagles and double eagles, hundreds of gold nuggets, some as large as chicken eggs, ancient Chinese carved jade figures, Pre-Columbian gold animal artifacts, lots of rubies, …
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10.+Ufos ‘AIRCRAFT’ PRE-COLUMBIAN GOLD. THE EVIDENCE. 19.MAY.2013. 9:15 PM. Imágenes; X. Ferro

Las pruebas de esta innegable Realidad, se acumulan sin cesar… La comunidad de naciones de la Tierra O.N.U, debería de debatir este trascendental asunto, -con la ayuda de los Contactados/as, auténticos-, -no aquellos/as que buscan fama o lucrarse sin escrúpulos-, con el debido respeto, rigor y seriedad, que conlleva este trascendental tema…
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