Lake Havasu Auto Show…. AND I GOT A GOPRO HERO 5!!!

Big engines and sexy paintjobs, my favorite things!
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My Camera Setup:
Gopro Hero 5 Black –
Sony ECM-CS3 Mic –
Gopro Mic Adapter –
D&F Aluminum Shell –
Fugetek Mini Tripod Mount –
Comica Furry Wind Muff –

Solar Setup:
265w Grape Solar Panel –
25a Tracer MPPT Solar Controller – Discontinued, unfortunately
Blue Sea ATC Fuse Block –
Voltcube 400w Inverter –
2 x 29dc Walmart Marine Batteries

Mongoose Dolomite –
AW 26″ 1000w 48v Front Hub Motor Kit –
12v 20ah Go-Go Elite AGM battery (x4) –
West Biking Cargo Rack –
More Sturdy Cargo Rack you should get instead –
Pannier Bags –
Smart Phone Bag –
Stronger Kickstand –
Bike Lock –
The best cheap motorcycle googles EVER –
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Art Works with Revu~atein Senki Senki Revu~atein hero hero award

Art Works with Revu~atein Senki Senki Revu~atein hero hero award

Art Works with Revu~atein Senki Senki Revu~atein hero hero award

● to take the weapon! The Ayatsure the spirits!
scattered all over the world and bringing together the “hero”, is used to make full use of weapons harboring a powerful “remembrance”, a new sense Tactics system simulation RPG appeared. Number of “hero” is a whopping 150 or more people, the number of stages is also abundant, crowded element is also full of such hidden items. In addition, deep certain worldview, attractive fixed characters who will liven up the story. Also communication competit

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Best Motivational Video – Real Life Hero

A motivational video that shows how real life hero’s are made. A like and share can help us 🙂

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Video Transcription:

Let me help.

for education

what does he get in return

for doing this every day?

there you are!

he gets nothing

he wont be ricker

wont’t appear on tv

still anonymous.

And not a bit more famous.


what he does receive are emotions.

he witnesses happiness.

reaches a deeper understanding.

feels the love.

receives what money can’t buy.

a world made more beautiful.

and in your life what is that you desire most?

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GoPro Hero 3+ Plus Accessories Quick Look and Installation Demonstration

A quick look and review of demonstration of installation of various accessories for the GoPro Hero 3+ plus, including Wifi Remote Control, Jaws Flex Clamp Mount, LCD Touch BacPac, Battery BacPac, The Frame, Car charger, HDMI Cable, Adhesive mount.
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GoPro Hero 3 Black vs Silver Edition Camera Comparison

GoPro Hero 3 Black vs Silver Edition Camera Comparison
At long last, the newest edition of the game-changing HD camera legacy is now available, The GoPro Hero3 series. The new GoPro will come in a few flavors, and in this video, we will talk about the key upgrades over the GoPro Hero2 and the differences between the Hero3 Silver and the Hero3 Black editions. The biggest upgrades over the previous generation are size and WiFi compatibility. The new Hero3 is 30% smaller and 25% lighter, making this the smallest, most versatile version yet. Both the Silver and Black Hero3 will come WiFi ready, so no longer will users have to purchase the separate WiFi backpack. The image quality has been greatly improved and the new Black Edition now claims a 2 times sharper and uses a 6 element glass aspherical lens. Full spec sheets available online give technical details on every aspect and feature of the camera, which are too numerous to list in this quick hit. The new GoPro is lust-worthy and has been added to everyone at RevZilla’s wish-list. Go Big or Go Home was 2012. In 2013, GoPro.
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GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition Testbericht

GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition Testbericht

Empfohlener Kauflink: (Amazon) & (NBB)

Ausführlicher Testbericht zur GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition mit vielen Videobeispielen. Bei der GoPro HD Hero 3 handelt es sich um eine der besten Actioncams auf dem Markt. Sie kann sogar Videos in 4K aufnehmen!

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Ich besuche alle wichtigen IT-Messen weltweit und somit seid ihr immer bestens informiert wenn es um Technik geht. Ich lade meine Videos immer in englisch und deutsch hoch. Das englische kommt zuerst, also bitte nicht wundern, das deutsche Video folgt dann meist kurz darauf!

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GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition HD FIRST TEST ON RC CAR

Here’s a first video of my new channel, please like or subscribe if you like it. Filmed in Nice France

GoPro Hero 3: Vlogging Accessories

In this week’s “What I Think” Wednesday video, I show you the accessories I’ve added to my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition to make it an awesomesauce camera for vlogging!

Accessories featured in this video:
Wasabi Power Battery Pack & Charger:
Opteka HG-1 Hand Grip:
Clic Stic Handle:
GoPro Tripod Camera Mount:
GoPro The Frame:
GoPro Caps & Doors:
Fotga Mini Camera Suction Mount Tripod Holder Car Wind Screen:

My Extras Channel:
My Gaming Channel:

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GoPro HD Hero camera: 2010 Post Office Bike Jam

Learn about the new GoPro HD HERO® camera at

Each year after Sea Otter, the world’s best freestyle riders gather at a jump park outside the US Post Office in Aptos, California. In possibly the last year for the event, GoPro sponsored an informal competition to document this legendary gathering of the world’s best freestyle bike athletes in Northern California.

Music: “Rollerskate” – Matias Aguayo
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