Residents tour historic black Columbia in honor of Black History Month

Residents tour historic black Columbia in honor of Black History Month
The event was sponsored by the Missouri Humanities Council, MU Libraries, MU's Black History Month Committee and the MU Department of Black Studies. Columbia resident Mary Beth Brown, the tour guide of the event, provided background information on …
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Washington gunman who killed 4 had lengthy criminal history
SEATTLE (AP) – A man who shot three family members, a neighbor and then himself in rural Washington state had an extensive criminal history, including felony charges that would have made it illegal for him to possess firearms. David Wayne Campbell, 51, …
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04 Oct 2015 | Historic Flooding: Midlands, Columbia, South Carolina #Flood #Columbia

Historic flooding in the Midlands, South Carolina. Major disaster in progress in Columbia, SC.

Historic flooding in Columbia, SC

WXII’s own Kenny Beck is live in Columbia with a look at the historic flooding and rainfall in South Carolina. Subscribe to WXII on YouTube now for more:

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Coverage of the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster from the February 2, 2003 national weekend edition of TEN News Australia with Tracey Spicer:

“World-wide shock tonight at yet another space shuttle disaster…

The Columbia, rocketing at 20,000 kilometres an hour burst apart, seemingly in slow motion, just sixteen minutes from home base. Many experts now believe the shuttle was doomed shortly after take-off.”