Insane 2700HP 40' Skater Running at Full Speed in Lake Havasu


Insane 2700HP 40' Skater Running at Full Speed in Lake Havasu

The 2008 40′ “Savage” Skater hits the waters of Lake Havasu! This one of a kind cat has customization’s from the ground up. The boat is currently rigged with twin supercharged Sterling 1350’s producing over 2700hp! Mercury Racing #6 drives with Herring 37p props. This hull is capable of speeds in excess of 200mph.


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10 Insane Tricks, for Summer Parties!

The biggest life hackers on YouTube join forces, to bring you 10 insane party tricks for 2014.

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All these YouTubers posted videos on their channels as well. Check out their original videos below;

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Steve Spangler:
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In this video you’ll see how to;

– Make ice cubes that glow in the dark
– Turn a few rolls of duct tape into a themed hammock
– Make bubbles the size of your car
– Serve 6 soda drinks in an instant
– Start a BBQ with chemistry
– Prank someone with a foaming toast
– Super cool your drinks so they freeze instantly when opened
– BBQ your dinner with an improvised terra-cotta grill
– Turn a trash can into a rocket
– Make snacks that get your guests smoking like dragons

Music: “Soul Switch” by Brusspup
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WARNING: These are things you COULD do at home, but that doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Each demonstration was performed by an expert, with safety precautions in place. These projects and results are portrayals of our own personal experiences. Your results may vary depending on your location, experience, and modifications to project ideas. There are risks associated with some of these projects that require adult supervision, and some that require expert assistance. Use of this video content is at your own risk. Better yet, just watch the video again and enjoy the experience from the safety of your desk 🙂

Project inspiration: This was an original idea, and I’m not sure anything quite like this has been done on YouTube before? Maybe it has, maybe it hasn’t .. but I thought it would be really cool to put out a video for 4th of July showcasing some insane tricks for summer parties. Then I imagined how awesome it would be if some of my favorite YouTubers got involved.

This was a challenging and exhilarating video to put together. It is the culmination of months of creative effort, and managing hundreds of little details to come together just in the nick of time. I’m really happy with how this turned out, and so excited at all my YouTube friends that accepted the challenge and came together to make this happen.

Each person involved made a separate video that they’ve posted on their channel. I’ve collected all of these videos into a playlist that you can see here:

These are my favorite YouTubers. The ones I never miss seeing a video from, so if you like my videos, I’d like to recommend each of them for your consideration. 😀

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