10) Lake Powell – Sunset

Saying goodbye to Lake Powel and a memorable trip.

This is last in a series of 10 slideshows from our trip to Lake Powell in June of 2011. The trip was planned and attended by the LDS Church youth groups from Peoria, Arizona comprising Oakwood and Agua Fria wards. Generous members of the wards donated their time, talents and resources to make this a trip of a lifetime. Special thanks goes out to Jerry and Vicki Moyes who hosted us on the houseboat of all houseboats – Big Dog!
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Work & Travel USA 2011 Our Summer in the United States

-Episode 13 Majestic Arches-

After not so fun and rainy day we head to wonderful Arches National Park. Starting from Lake Powell campground in Page, Arizona, we head to Monument Valley first. This valley is well known and seen in a lot of western movies. After some more driving we finally reached majestic arches. It was like grownups playground. It seems you want to try experience everything by climbing on each rock and hoping to see amazing view. Enjoy, subscribe, like and comment. Thank You!

Po kiek mažiau linksmos ir lietingos dienos mes patraukėme lyg nuostabaus Arkų nacionalinio parko. Išvykę iš Lake Powell stovyklavietės, kurioje buvome apsistoję, važiavome Monumentų slėnio link. Šis slėnis gerai žinomas ir matytas daugybėje vesterno filmų. Pavažiavę dar kelis šimtus mylių, pagaliau pasiekėme didingąsias arkas. Tai buvo tarsi suaugusiųjų žaidimų aikštelė. Atrodo, norėdami patirti kuo daugiau įspūdžių stengėmės užlipti ant kiekvieno akmens ar uolos tikėdamiesi pamatyti nuostabų vaizdą. Mėgaukitės, prenumeruokit, balsuokit ir komentuokit. Ačiū!

**Special thank you to all friends who made this summer unforgettable, the Resort which made our dreams come true and Lithuanians’ World Center for all the help with this program.

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“A Rocket To The Moon” — Whole Lotta You
“Robbie Williams” — Candy

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Raymond Rides His Uncles Ford GT at Lake Mead Nevada

we drove from Las Vegas to Hoover dam September 13, 2008
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Nevada’s Valley of Fire off-road trail south rim route through Muddy Mountains connecting to Lake Mead’s Echo wash & Echo Bay. Started the trip early saturday morning. Met unusual amount of traffic thru the offroad trail. A Capt in a 4x4explorer.. followed right after a Military Hummvee loaded to the teeth with our best and finest in full battle gear (sorry I did not take pics coz they were camped out at the front entrance of the trail doing some military live-fire excersise). We asked if we could trade trucks, He politely said “He’d love to but No thanks coz he might loose his job.” …lol. We saw a couple of trail bikes, Atvs and 2 old ladies that did not need rescue. They were enjoying the day and the trail just as much as we were. We picked up some garbage from which year we did not know nor cared. On the rock walls we found some petroglyphs possibly Anasazi maybe 900 to 1000 years old and also did a little bit of rock climbing. It was an awesome day.
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Paradiso Canyon Lake Powell

Paradiso Canyon is part of the Dante Canyon System near Lake Powell. Visit http://climb-utah.com for more information, maps, route description and location. Video provided by Blake Merrell.
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Lake Powell [TBS@USA 8/13]

Chapter 8/13
Spending 2 days at Lake Powell and enjoying the beauty of blue water and red rock. The Horseshoe Bend invites TBS to do some of their usual trickery. One of the most remarkable sceneries of our trip for sure.

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Yamaha Rhino Ride – lake havasu

www.riverracerx.com presents the HotBoat forum Rhino ride from lake Havasu to Topock Saturday November 11, 2006.

All music ©UMG. Artist: Saliva (Thank you for not pulling it!)

Driving a Ferrari around Lake Mead (NV)

Driving a Ferrari through Lake Mead (NV)
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The Tuesday morning Outdoor Demo ride at Interbike 2010. It’s an out and back loop, descending out of Boulder City in NV, a half way point with food etc, and then a long climb back to the Outdoor Demo location.

I missed the start of the ride and barely caught on. Since I wanted to film two friends in particular, I turned around when I saw the large group. I’d optimistically thought they’d be in there (I didn’t know that a lot of people talk and hang out at the turn around point).

Beautiful day, a great day to start off a long day of Outdoor Demo stuff.

We’d driven down from the Vail area the day/night before, so things were a little hectic in the morning.

If you recognize yourself, post a comment or let me know.

Camera used: ContourHD1080p, at 720p x 60 fps settings, per YouTube user slowroadie. Edited on iMovie on a Mac.

Blog post about the ride:
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The Climb – Lake Powell Music Video Tribute

Just some normal people on vacation making a music video
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lake powell 2015 (Utah and Arizona FR and EN)

lake powell 2015 (Utah and Arizona  FR and EN)

Lake Powell, sans doute l’endroit le plus beau de l’Arizona et de l’Utah

Arizona Lake Powell Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Lava Butte Peak near Lake Mead and Las Vegas, NV (with a snake scream)!

on top of the Lava Butte peak with a rattle snake “shaking” everybody up