Testing the kayak camera mount on Lake Havasu – Feb 9, 2012

Just testing the camera mount I built. A beautiful morning on Lake Havasu, AZ

the GKS and Fam are LIT
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DIY 360º RC Rotating Camera mount for GoPro or Other Camera RC

I made this GoPro 360º mount for my Stampede for less then
GoPro 360 RC
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OK, here’s some more video on 720p setting. I’ve finally realised it’s not worth trying shooting with 1080p setting on 450 size helicopter. 720p setting is very consistent with picture quality and not getting ‘jello’ (wobble effect) regardless rotor rpm. Here’ are few footages.

More detailed description and photos, please visit the following page.


I’ve tried a hanging type mount (free hanging with 2 axis), but it didn’t work. The picture quality was catastrophic and decided to stay with this mounting system. I think this is very reasonable in terms of cost and quality. The only thing you need is the one piece GoPro mounting from ‘roll bar’ mount which costs around £15.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate.
Happy flying 🙂


Sorry for the delay.guys. I’ve managed to take some test videos as promised 🙂


OK, I’ve made a quick tutorial for secure mounting for gopro cam on T-Rex 450 Sport. Because I’ve been working all day for bottom plate modification and test flights at the garden, I didn’t get chance to go to the park and make test flight video, but I promise I’ll do that very soon. But I didn’t see any jello-effect (on 1080p 30fps setting) like I sometimes see on the previous plastic bottom plate version, and I think this is as close as I can get with 450 size heli.

Oh, I forgot to mention on the clip, when you slide the 1 piece joint in, there will be gap between the metal plate and the 1 piece joint because the bottom plate has got indentation. I cut gaui 200 blade into little piece and made a hole and slided between the gap which fits perfectly and then you can screw the 1 piece joint tightly without worrying to break it. But you can use anything to slide in to fill the gap. You can see the black plastic piece (the gaui 200 blade piece I used) when I lift up the heli to show you the bottom on the clip.

I did all sorts of different test to get the the best result and here’s the setting.
– 14T pinion
– combination of Barmount 1 piece (converts vertical to horisontal) + Helmet here mount 2 pieces): if you only use the 1 piece mount it will give you jello-effect.
– I’m using Align 450M 3500kv motor.
– I think 100% gives better picture quality, but hard to compare when using 80% throttle.

I’ll do some test flight for picture quality demo soon when I get the chance.
Hope it helps and ask me any question if in any doubt.
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GoPro Hero Accessories – Helmet Front Mount

A review of the GoPro Helmet Front Mount.

Includes some example footage..

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Intro Music: “Corporate Energetic Logo 2” by Plastic3
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Background Music: “Airport Lounge” by Kevin MacLeod
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Easiest way to mount GoPro camera to a RC plane? (+ nice test flight with EasyStar)

This may be the easiest way to attach GoPro camera to a RC plane. You just need one Vented Helmet Strap which comes with HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition… or you can buy it separately (http://gopro.com/camera-mounts/vented-helmet-strap-mount/).

This test video is filmed on sea ice of the Gulf of Finland. The RC plane we used is an old and trusty Multiplex Easy Star which has seen better days. We also tested Polar Pro polarization filter on GoPro and it seems to work nicely (http://www.goprolens.com).

Filming and flying: Heikki Ruismäki
Editing: Mikko Halonen

Music: FootageFirm

GoPro HD HERO 2 (PAL 960p 50 fps… this setup was a mistake)
Canon Legria(/Vixia) HF200

Multiplex Easy Star:
Brushless Motor 2409-12 1600kv
ESC High Tech 25A
Prop 6x4E
LiPo 2100mAh 3S 18C

Video editing software:
Adobe CS5 Premiere Pro
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Sony Action Cam HDR AS15 helmet side mount using gopro mounts

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Rhino Swivel Mount – 360 Helmet Mount For GoPro® Cameras

The Rhino Swivel Mount (http://bit.ly/1boGdRm) was taken to the tarmac for some fast paced motorcycle riding. The results are exhilarating.

About the Rhino Swivel Mount:

Have you been wondering how some of the amazing shots were done in new promo video for the GoPro® 3? The Swivel Mount is what you’re looking for. It connects directly to a GoPro® quick release which you mount to your helmet.

Thanks and credit go to:
Eric Poppleton of epop media
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Where to mount your GoPro camera on your Motorcycle: Brutale 1090RR

Mounting suction cup mounts to Brutale 1090RR motorcycle so it does not fall off. This bike is the MV Agusta 1090RR motorcycle. This video shows my best mounting locations. …
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