Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings and Artwork in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings and Artwork in the World

The Top 10 Most Expensive Painting in the World

Number 10: Portrait of Dr. Gachet by Vincent Van Gogh

Painted in 1890, Van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr.Gachet sold for million dollars in 1990 and makes it the 10th Most Expensive Painting in the World. Dr. Gachet was the personal physician of Van Gogh and he was also a painter himself. The painting is of Dr. Gachet sitting at a table, leaning on his right arm.

Number 9: La Reve by Pablo Picasso

The 9th Most Expensive Painting in the World is an oil painting by Pablo Picasso. The subject of his painting is his 22 yr old girlfriend (Picasso was 55 yr old). This vulgar and distorted vision of her sitting in an armchair sold for 6.9 million dollars.

Number 8: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt

The portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer painted by Gustav Klimt in 1907 comes in as the 8th Most Expensive Painting in the World having sold for 5 million dollars in 2006. The subject was a friend of the artist. It is painted with gold and oil on canvas. It is known as the last of Klimt’s golden phase.

Number 7: Woman III by Willem de Kooning

Woman III is one of a series of paintings by Willem de Kooning. It was sold for 7.5 million dollars in 2006. Before it was sold it was in a gallery in Iran, however, it was banned due to the depiction of nudity.

Number 6: Three Studies of Lucien Freud by Francis Bacon

The Three Studies of Lucien Freud by Francis Bacon is a trio of oil-on-canvas paintings. They are of a man sitting, presumably on a bed, with an abstract box surrounding him. Very abstract and distorted, it sold for an eye-watering 4 million dollars in 2013.

Number 5: No.5, 1948 by Jackson Pollack

David Martinez bought No.5 by Jackson Pollack from David Geffen for 3.8 million dollars in 2006. An interesting work of art in that it is a completely different painting from when it was 1st painted. The original was damaged during a move and subsequently Pollack repainted over the entire thing. This painting over a painting is the 5th Most Expensive Painting in the World.

Number 4: Les Femmes d’Algers by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso’s signature style was called cubism and that’s what he employed when he painted Les Femmes d’ Algers in 1955. It sold in 2015 for 9.4 million dollars.

Number 3: No.6 by Mark Rothko

No.6 was purchased by Dmitri Rybolovlev for an eye-watering 6 million dollars. Mark Rothko was an Abstract Expressionist. The painting itself is just 3 stripes of color across canvas.

Number 2: The Card Players by Paul Cezanne

The State of Qatar is listed as the buyer of The Card Players by Paul Cezanne. It was purchased for nearly 0 million dollars. It is a painting of 2 men sitting at a leather covered table playing cards, one is smoking a cigar, and there is a bottle of whiskey on the table.

Number 1:

Painting its way into the #1 position is Paul Gauguin’s When Will You Marry? It was completed in 1892 and was sold in 2015 for a jaw-dropping 0 million dollars. It was a private sale and the buyer remains unknown. It’s a colorful piece with 2 young African-American girls sitting outside with very curious, questioning looks on their faces. When Will You Marry? is perhaps the question they’re pondering.

Time for the question of the day.

Who is your favorite artist and why? Do there painting values come anywhere close to the 0M like Paul Gauguin’s ‘When will you Marry?’ painting?

Let us know. Go on leave your answer in the comments below.

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The 10 paintings and more important and popular artists in the world.

10 Most Expensive Paintings

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10. Portrait of Joseph Roulin, Vincent van Gogh, 1889
9. Nude, Green Leaves and Bust, Pablo Picasso, 1932
8. The Scream, Edvard Munch, 1895
7. Garçon à la Pipe, Pablo Picasso, 1905
6. Bal du Moulin de la Galette, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1876
5. Portrait of Dr. Gachet, Vincent van Gogh, 1890
4. Portrait of Adele Bloch- Bauer I, Gustav Klimt, 1907
3. Woman III, Willem de Kooning, 1953
2. No. 5, 1948, Jackson Pollock, 1948
1. The Card Players, Paul Cézanne, 1892/93

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