History of Columbia Sportswear – Trying Stuff Since 1938

How the innovative brand Columbia began over 70 years ago.

Watch cute Bulldogs strutt their stuff at a dog beauty pageant

Watch cute Bulldogs strutt their stuff at a dog beauty pageant

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3-year-old Pushkin crowned winner at Bulldog Beauty Contest in Long Beach California. If you love those with flat faces and four legs then I’m sure you already had this event marked on your calendar, it’s the 10th annual Bulldog Beauty Contest. Owners entered their pooches into the contest, strutting up and down the red carpet at Marine Stadium to the command of “you better work”, according to local media reports. The event was part of the Haute Dog Beauty Contest which is produced by the beauty pageant coach and bulldog enthusiast Justin Rudd to benefit local canine rescue, adoption, and population control programs. Who did you have your money on? The winner of the event was three-year-old “Pushkin” who posed for pictures with her owner and human beauty queens after her win was announced. Report by Jennifer Cordingley.

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