10 Strangest Vehicles Ever Made

Top 10 of the oddest automobile designs and concepts in the world. Some of the cars are awesome, others are just weird.
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Today, we often take for granted that our lives are made much easier by modern vehicles. They help us work, enable us to travel and allow us to undertake a variety of leisure activities. In our daily lives, the most common vehicles we see are cars, trucks and motorcycles – all modes of transportation we traditionally use to get around. From farmers to factory workers, commuters to vacationers, there’s a vehicle made to cover almost every need.
The most popular vehicle, by far, is the automobile which plays a big part in the lives of all of us. The car is a symbol of freedom, it’s a status symbol and it allows us to go nearly anywhere we want to. There are so many different types of automobiles on the road because there are so many different personal needs and tastes which need to be satiated. Constantly taking on this challenge are the many automobile design and manufacturing firms around the world. Since the first cars were built in the late 19th century, people have been trying out new designs and pushing the limits of technology in order to build a better vehicle. Often, this works out but sometimes you end up with what can only be described as a rather strange design.
No doubt, most vehicles you see on a daily basis are rather normal looking. These are your standard cars, trucks and bikes which don’t really stand out unless the owner has chosen some crazy paint scheme or added some insane after-market parts. Sometimes, however, you’ll see a vehicle that stands out because it just looks odd. Maybe it has an extra set of wheels, is almost too small or is so ugly that you can’t believe anyone was paid to design it. Strange cars often stand out because visually they just don’t look normal, they have strange features and functions or they just don’t look like they belong with the other vehicles around them.
The following video looks at some of the strangest vehicles ever made. From motorcycles and RVs to family cars and luxury vehicles, you’ll see there are a wide range of pretty strange vehicles out there. You may think you’ll find a fair share of exotic Italian supercars up ahead. While there technically is one Italian race car, the following vehicles make any Lamborghini or Maserati look very vanilla in comparison.
Many of these vehicles reflect the time they were built in. For instance, if it has a lot of fins and intakes chances are the vehicle in question was designed in the 1950s and 1960s, when aviation greatly influenced car designs. If it looks ultra-modern with considerable curves and use of glass then there’s a good chance the vehicle you are looking at is from the last decade when eco-friendly designs became the newest trend. Of course, there are more than a few vehicles ahead which will leave you shaking your head and wondering what the heck the designers were thinking.

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100 foot long Limo
Cadillac Pool
Dodge Tomahawk
Ferrari (Pininfarina) 512 S Modulo
Firebird III
Dream Car 123: Pyramid Electric Car
The Flatmobile
Michelin PLR
Rinspeed Squba
Brooke Swan Car

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