Show in works about acting Hazleton chief's work in Colombian drug cartel

Show in works about acting Hazleton chief's work in Colombian drug cartel
The story of how acting Hazleton police Chief Jerry Speziale infiltrated Colombian drug cartels and smuggled cocaine into the United States could become a television series. Sentinel Pictures announced plans to produce a one-hour pilot for a series …
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SHSU criminal justice professor explores Mexican cartels in new book
Marijuana has been legalized for medical or recreational use in 23 states and the District of Columbia, which has reduced the illegal drug trade of marijuana across the border. In Switzerland, heroin addicts are provided free heroin and clean needles …
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Comic book has personal connection for artist
American writer Justin Jordan knew he had a fertile idea for his fictional tale. He would delve into Mexican drug cartels. But which artist could render this story into riveting life? He needed an illustrator who has a textured, firsthand understanding …
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Glassdoor: Twitter #1 Best Place to Work in Tech 2014

Twitter is the #1 Best Place to Work in Tech in 2014, as part of Glassdoor’s sixth annual Employees’ Choice Awards. Check out what employees have to say about working for the #1 Best Place to Work in Tech. See Glassdoor’s complete list of Employees’ Choice Award winners:
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10 Best Places to Live and Work in The World in 2015 HD

Long gone are the days when people spent most of their lives living and earning at one place, Let us take a look at some of the best expat destinations worldwide, The places that are best in terms of economics, job market, safety, and childcare.

In 10th spot Ecuador,

Expats are usually very happy with their economical situation in Ecuador, They find the country to be very friendly, ‘at home’ feel, However, many expats face language difficulties.

9, Hong Kong,

A perfect example of ‘East meets West’, this Chinese protectorate is a bustling land with population of over seven million, Hong Kong has outgrown mainland China, having its own currency and set of laws.

8, Australia,

With low population levels and high quality of life, Australia is one country that expats do not feel like leaving, Australia has favorable weather, and Settling in is not a hassle.

7, Philippines,

With friendly atmosphere and ease of settling, the Philippiness is one of the leading choices for people to work and live, Filipinos are optimistic by nature and have family-oriented culture.

6, Spain,

This Western European country offers a pleasant weather with year-round sunshine, which happens to be a primary reason for expats to move in especially from the EU, (no VISA required).

5, Singapore,

Singapore does really well when it comes to “quality of life”, It is particularly good for raising children, given its quality of education and great childcare, Expats mostly look up to generous salary packages, low tax rates and better career opportunities.

4, USA,

USA greets a big number of expats every year, It is the ease of settling and citizen’s friendliness that makes it one of the best countries for expats, There is no dearth of recreational activities too, and citis like New York offer plenty of job opportunities.

3, Switzerland,

This mountainous country tops in terms of “quality of life”, A major percentage of expats include those interested in the country’s banking industry and financial markets, Zurich in particular has a very high standard of living.

2, Mexico,

Mexico is a sure shot winner when it comes to the ease of settling in, The country also ranks high in terms of “personal happiness” and “leisure options”, It makes expats feel right at home.

1, Luxembourg,

This tiny European country offers plenty of job opportunities to career oriented expats, Reportedly, expats make up approximately 40% of Luxembourg’s population.

1, Ecuador,

Given the opportunity where would you choose to live,
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Top 10 Amazing No Kill Animal Shelters in the United States

Top 10 Best Animal Welfare Organizations in the World 2015

Top 10 Most Expensive Puppy Breeds

TOP 10 Most Amazing Mistakes Made By Dog Owners

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Beagles

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About English Bulldogs

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Pomeranians

No Choke Big Dog, No Pull, Harness Review

Top 10 Most Weirdest Animals People Keep as Pets

My Experience Of The Electronic No Bark Training Collar

Top 10 Ways Europeans Torture Animals as a Tradition

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About German Shepherds

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Labrador Retrievers

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts about Yorkshire Terriers Pros & Cons

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Poodles

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Boxers

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About French Bulldogs

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Rottweilers

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Dachshunds

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About The American Water Spaniel

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Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker 2016: Top 10 Big Cities

Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker 2016: Top 10 Big Cities
100,000 and under) into a single list, also of 10. (Note: To maintain uniformity across our rankings, we measured population by the city proper, and not the surrounding metro areas.) We hope that whatever you're looking for, these two lists convey the …
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The 10 happiest cities to work in the UK – in pictures
'It comes as no surprise to hear Nottingham made the top 10,' says Aaron Dicks, director of local business Impression. 'With the investment in the creative quarter …. The article says the 'happiest' places to live in the UK. Crap weather and the …
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Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker 2016: Top 10 Small Cities and Towns
Used to be if you wanted to work in the movies there were only a couple of places to be, kid. No longer: In 2016 you can audition actors in Tokyo via Skype, then upload your projects to Dropbox and send them to New York for instant review while still …
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How Drug Cartels Work: The CIA, Money and Trade in Central America Day 1 Part 1 (1988)

The Medellín Cartel was an organized network of drug suppliers and smugglers originating in the city of Medellín, Colombia. The drug cartel operated in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Honduras, the United States, as well as Canada and Europe throughout the 1970s and 1980s. It was founded and run by Ochoa Vázquez brothers Jorge Luis, Juan David, and Fabio together with Pablo Escobar. By 1993, the Colombian government, in collaboration with the Cali cartel, right-wing paramilitary groups, and the United States government, had successfully dismantled the cartel by imprisoning or assassinating its members.

Born in Panama City, Noriega was a career soldier, receiving much of his education at the Military School of Chorrillos in Lima, Peru. He also received intelligence and counterintelligence training at the School of the Americas at the U.S. Army’s Fort Gulick in the Panama Canal Zone in 1967, as well as a course in psychological operations (psyops) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He was commissioned in the Panama National Guard in 1967 and promoted to lieutenant in 1968. In the power struggle that followed, including a failed coup attempt in 1969, Noriega supported Omar Torrijos. He received a promotion to lieutenant colonel and was appointed chief of military intelligence by Torrijos. Noriega claims that, following Torrijos’ instructions, he negotiated an amnesty for about 400 defeated guerrilla fighters, enabling them to return from exile in Honduras and Costa Rica.
Torrijos died in a plane accident on July 31, 1981. Colonel Roberto Díaz Herrera, a former associate of Noriega, claimed that the actual cause for the accident was a bomb and that Noriega was behind the incident.[8]
Omar Torrijos was succeeded as Commander of the Panamanian National Guard by Colonel Florencio Flores Aguilar. One year later, Flores was succeeded by Rubén Darío Paredes, and Noriega became chief of staff. The guard was renamed the Panamanian Defense Forces. Paredes resigned as commander to run for the presidency, ceding his post as commander of the forces to Noriega.

Although the relationship did not become contractual until 1967, Noriega worked with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from the late 1950s until the 1980s.[9] In 1988 grand juries in Tampa and Miami indicted him on U.S. federal drug charges.[10][11]
The 1988 Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations concluded: “The saga of Panama’s General Manuel Antonio Noriega represents one of the most serious foreign policy failures for the United States. Throughout the 1970s and the 1980s, Noriega was able to manipulate U.S. policy toward his country, while skillfully accumulating near-absolute power in Panama. It is clear that each U.S. government agency which had a relationship with Noriega turned a blind eye to his corruption and drug dealing, even as he was emerging as a key player on behalf of the Medellín Cartel (a member of which was notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar).” Noriega was allowed to establish “the hemisphere’s first ‘narcokleptocracy'”.[12] One of the large financial institutions that he was able to use to launder money was the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), which was shut down at the end of the Cold War by the FBI. Noriega shared his cell with ex-BCCI executives in the facility known as “Club Fed”.
In the 1988 U.S. presidential election, Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis highlighted this history in a campaign commercial attacking his opponent, Vice President (and former CIA Director) George H. W. Bush, for his close relationship with “Panamanian drug lord Noriega.”
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The United Nations announced in 2013 that Peru has overtaken Colombia as the world’s top producer of coca, the raw plant material used to manufacture cocaine. For the past two decades, Colombia has been virtually synonymous with cocaine. Now that Peru has become the global epicenter of cocaine production, the Andean nation runs the risk of becoming the world’s next great narco state.

The Peruvian government is trying to crack down on the problem by ramping up eradication of coca plants, and devoting military and police resources to interdiction efforts. Despite the response — and a hefty amount of foreign aid devoted to combatting cocaine production — Peruvian coke is being consumed in the nightclubs of Lima and in cities around the world like never before.

VICE News travels to Peru to learn more about the government’s battle plan against cocaine, and to see how nearly every aspect of Peruvian society is caught up in the fight. We witness how the fine, white powder has forced an entire nation to the brink in the global war on drugs.

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Top 10 Places to Work in Florida | :DentalPlans

From the workplace to the team to the family environment, has won accolades from employees for its culture, camaraderie and benefits. And in March 2011, the company was recognized as “Best Places to Work” by the South Florida Business Journal. Here’s a video of our attendance at the awards luncheon honoring the best employers in Florida.

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Grupo Vidanta
Johnny/ Future Chef
Ricarda/ Singer
Paty/ Nanny
Federico/ Landscaper
Don Victor/ Photographer
At Vidanta, we are very close to our people we get to know who they are and what makes them happy. We encourage them to grow, to develop to their fullest potential. We thank them for one of the top TEN places to work in Mexico.
Minguel Angel/ Sculptor
Jareth/ Ambassador
Inspiring generations of happiness.

11 Reasons Why Google is the BEST Place to Work

Are you lost about what to do in life and who you should work for? Well look no further, because Google is one of the best places to work for. Besides great salaries and benefits, Google actually cares about your well being and provides a workplace where employees can play as hard as they work. Employees at Google know the secret to loving your job — love your employer.


Inside the Cycleplex: The Weird, Wild World of Google Bikes

Top 10 Places to Work: Bain & Co. Tops Facebook

Top 10 Places to Work: Bain & Co. Tops Facebook

Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) — On today’s “Off The Charts,” Bloomberg chief markets correspondent Scarlet Fu runs down the top 10 places to work in 2014 on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

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“Market Makers” brings you analysis, insight and A-list guests who influencing Wall Street and the global economy. The business news show is hosted by Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle and covers the biggest companies in finance and the leaders who run them. Companies of discussion range from bulge-bracket banks: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Credit Suisse and Bank of America to mid-size and boutique firms such as Jefferies, Piper Jaffray, Cowen and more. Whether the day’s stories cover “too big to fail” Wall Street banks, billion dollar deals, the latest insider trading scheme, or the Street’s reaction to Dodd-Frank, “Market Makers” taps leading analysis and A-list guests to shed light on global finance.

Broadcasting live from Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York, “Market Makers” breaks news and brings viewers exclusives with the likes of Goldman Sachs’ CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs COO Gary Cohn, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman, financier Ken Langone, billionaire investor Carl Icahn, hedge fund legends David Tepper and David Einhorn, pay czar Kenneth Feinberg, Credit Suisse CEO Brady Dougan and many, many more. The show airs daily at 10am ET/7am PT. For a complete compilation of Market Makers videos, visit:

Watch “Market Makers” on TV, on the Bloomberg smartphone app, on the Bloomberg TV + iPad app or on the web:

Bloomberg Television offers extensive coverage and analysis of international business news and stories of global importance. It is available in more than 310 million households worldwide and reaches the most affluent and influential viewers in terms of household income, asset value and education levels. With production hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong, the network provides 24-hour continuous coverage of the people, companies and ideas that move the markets.
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Metro Technology Centers was listed in The Daily Oklahoma newspaper as one of the top workplaces in Oklahoma in 2013. If you would like to join us and be part of a great team of dedicated individuals who are making a difference in the lives of Oklahomans visit our web site and apply to become a part of our team.
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World Top 10 Coolest Places To Work

World Top 10 Coolest Places To Work

10. Human Healthy Vending -Human Healthy Vending is a cool innovative company looking to improve and help find easy healthy alternatives to typical quick snacks. The company has a bright, high energy office with cool sound proof rooms designed to look like telephone booths open to employees, and free healthy snacks and even a ping pong table. Employees are expected to work hard but have the freedom to follow through with their own ideas to improve the company.
9. Autodesk -Autodesk is the company behind the leading app Sketchbook, and professional 3D animation design. The company opened a unique office last year on San Francisco’s Pier 9. The showcase office is floating right on the Bay and has very unusual creative aspects like a swinging conference table that is named Scylla after the multiple headed sea monster in Greek mythology.
8.Edelman -Edelman is a leading Public Relations Firm that expands the relationships between companies and the people using social media and the latest technology. The headquarters are located in Chicago Illinois and offer unique modern designs. There is an open concept design and even the CEO has a cubicle like every other employee. The space has a high energy atmosphere with a creative flare. A day at the office is always different and inspiring.

7. Groupon -Groupon added color and a modern design to their offices in Chicago. Employees can take a seat in the tree trunk in an exotic forest themed space. There’s something surprising around every corner to inspire workers and keep them happy. The space has a carnival themed fun zone, complete with swings, a huge cat in a floating spaceship sculpture and a tiki hut.
6. Facebook -Facebook’s first office space was a single room above a Chinese restaurant and the company might have expanded but still resembles the feel of its earlier start up days. The company still has graffiti art on the walls, free snacks and drinks available everywhere and cubicles are non-existent. The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s office looks the same as all the others. Facebook’s new campus is laid out like a mini city with a paved road that runs down the middle connecting employees to a candy shop, dentist, barbershop, doctors office, gym, and video game arcade.

5. Box -Box’s headquarters in Los Altos, California have taken a playful approach to traditional seating. The company outfitted their office with swings hanging from the ceiling. The office space is so sleek it almost doesn’t look like a workplace. A blue lounge contradicts the yellow office space. A two-story spiral slide descends to the lobby but employees have to take off their shoes and yell ‘all clear’ before going down
4. Infosys -Infosys was founded in 1981 by seven people with 0 and was the first company to successfully provide computer services in India. The training facility cost 0 million and has been referred to as a combination of Disney World, Club Med and a modern American university. The benefits include a giant pool, hair salon, spa, movie theater and a high tech bowling alley located in the most beautiful landscapes.
3. Microsoft -the Microsoft office in Vienna was built in 2011 and cost the company .6 million. The building has themed conference rooms, including one decorated like a hunting lodge and another like a trip to the ocean. The coolest feature may be the massive reception room with a green wall with different types of plants and a floor to ceiling x-ray of a computer.
2. Google -it’s no surprise Google makes the list of fun work environments. The search engine giant is known for fostering creative minds with some of the most unlikely job perks. One of the highlights in their California headquarters is a slide so employees can opt to slide down from one story to the next instead of the stairs. Google has a fun atmosphere and even a pet friendly policy where employees can take their dog to work. All-you-can eat food and drink is available and even an adult size ball pit.

1.Epic Systems Corp -Epic is an electronic medical records company located in Verona, Wisconsin. The unique features of the companies headquarters include a hallway that takes after a New York City subway, complete with painted on doors and windows to seem like the subway is moving. The privately owned corporation has 6,300 employees and each employee gets their own office workspace but when pressed for a change they can wander the halls and take in the great works of art.

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Best Top 10 Real Free Work at Home Opportunity Online 2015. How to sell clickbank products and More

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If you’re selling a product on ClickBank, you need to make sure that your landing page (the page all your affiliates are sending traffic to)
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Excerpt below from the Video – How to make money with ClickBank products – How to choose an offer from ClickBank to promote
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