Treasure Hunters Find Sunken Drake Ships Say They Are Close To Finding Sir Francis Drakes Grave – Call Russ at RB Detectors 702-987-1332

Pat Croce, the former president of the of the Philadelphia 76’ers basketball team and self confessed pirate buff, believes that his team of international explorers from the likes of Britain, Panama, Australia, France, Scotland, and Columbia are close to locating the watery grave of the British Naval hero, Sir Francis Drake.

Croce financed the expedition to the coast off Panama in order to hopefully locate the final resting place of Drake. The team is equipped with some of the most sophisticated equipment available and has located the ships, Elizabeth and Delight. They believe Drake’s lead lined coffin to be nearby. Croce said “It’s truly a needle in a haystack, but so were the ships. We found them within a week. We just haven’t found him – yet.” Croce continued “Explorers have been trying to do this stuff forever, and here I am, a homeboy from Philadelphia in the Caribbean and we score! It’s pretty wild.” Speaking about the ships, Croce said there was no treasure on board as they were stripped prior to being scuttled by the crew.

Sir Francis Drake died from dysentery at the age of 55. He was buried at sea in a lead lined coffin, wearing his full set of armor. Drake is considered a British Naval hero, having lead the English Navy to victory over Spanish Armada in 1588. Drake was also the first Englishman to circumnavigate globe.

James Sinclair a marine archeologist said “We’ve really, I feel, hit a home run here with what we found with Pat.” Sinclair added “Finding ship structures from that time period in this temperature water with the type of organisms that exist is a treasure in itself.”

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